BK musing on lokik and alokik ways.

While working out at the gym, there was a TV program going on. The name is “Jeopardy.”

Basically, you are rewarded with $$ for trivia stuff, meaning I can make more $$ if my head is full of all sort of information.

This is what a “normal” individual calls “knowing,” that is to have our heads full of information given by some authority. Nowadays, experience is not valued as much as “knowing information.” The only type of experience valued nowadays is the one which brings pleasure to the senses.

Even to break a sweat at the gym has to be “fun.” “Exercise is good for you but if it ain’t fun, I ain’t doin’ it” we hear.

This type of experience is very limited. Suffering is forgotten as all we want to think there is in life is pleasure, and instant comfort.

Anything that requires a “process” meaning time, should be forgotten.

If I suffer an occasional headache, I better take the magical pill to get rid of that headache by masking that headache, rather than finding out the cause of it as to avoid making the same error. I better take that “medicine” rather than getting a good sleep, I better take caffeine (CoKe) rather than “tasteless” water.

That is our “normal” society.

There is a little chance to step out of that comfortable “lab made” illusion of the world to experience spirituality.

Why? Because the simplest fact of all, our own impermanence; (meaning, I will not be around for 200 years) is to be forgotten.

Spirituality on the other hand, requires that we experience that “impermanence” now. It requires that we experience to live without supports of any kind. It requires that we change our “comfy” life style into a brutal 360 degree change.

Very few are capable of doing that.

Spirituality is no longer about burning incense and chanting “Om,” while dressing in white clothes, or to worship something or someone who we deem to be “powerful” to gain that thing/being favors.

Spirituality is to die. To experience that death and to be content, happy about it.

Some celebrate life only and avoid death at all cost.

Spirituality cherish death first as a way to be born “new” again.

BK life style is not for everyone. If you are able to follow it, consider yourself “fortunate” for you are one of the few and because you “belong” to the Deity to-be “exclusive” club.

That is the reward, to become a beautiful butterfly after that grueling metamorphosis.

BK life is not about reading books and talking/quoting about what someone said.

BK life is about living, experiencing under a new vision of the self and the world.

BK life allows us to experience discipline so we can live life fully aware at this time.

Without disciplines, life turns into a dance of noise, a dance without tunes, rhythm, beauty. Chaos.

Discipline allows us to be fully aware and sensitive to the call of time.

They cherish noise. We cherish silence.

They cherish sex. We cherish purity.

They cherish competition. We cherish cooperation.

They cherish sleep. We cherish awareness.

They cherish killing for pleasure of the senses. We cherish respect of other beings.

They cherish destruction. We cherish establishment.

They are different than us… but we are just like them: Imperishable Souls with a role to play in life.

“They” are now what ” we” were before….This brings compassion. Understanding.Image

Difference is needed, variety is needed. Respect is needed.

We are all coming from the same origin and we will go back to that same origin.

Be proud to be a BK. Be proud to cherish diversity.

Under God’s eyes we are all His children… and we need to be like the Father.

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