Why the Drama has to repeat?

The following will be somewhat deep stuff. Intellectual answers which will not help in our self progress but definitively will help if a student asks that simple question and we know the answer; otherwise, answers such as:”That is the way the Drama has been created, “ or “This is the law,” or “Let me ask a senior sister,” somehow may leave a lot to be desired…

 The Drma repeats because it is eternal. It has to repeat because things are not “static.” Nothing is “static.” everything changes, everything is in movement.

The point of “movement” is very deep.

Because things are in continuous movement, knowledge cannot be static. It has to be dynamic to fit that movement, that reality.

Because things are dynamic, words are unable to describe them, simply because words are “static.”

See that?

No one is never the same at any point in time. We are always “becoming.”

Here are the paradoxes: “Being is Becoming.” “We become what we have been.”

 Therefore, statements such as : “This is the truth…” It is not the truth.

“We have the truth,” there is no “we” that can hold something that is dynamic.

 The Drama moves, we flow in it. Predestination and free will are just “static words,” death labels, descriptions, little boxes with definitions…that cannot be the truth.

 Being “easy” is more than playing “Mr. That is OK” with everyone. Being easy is to flow with the Drama, to be one and not two.

 The Drama has to repeat because it is always “new.” 😉

But yet, “nothing “new.”

This is the depth of gyan…go to the depths of the ocean, the only thing that could stop you,

is your capacity to “hold your breath…”  for a long time…. 🙂




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