Comment on Sakar Murli 4-14-12

Essence: Sweet children, in order to go to salvation, promise the Father: Baba, I will continue to remember You alone.
Question: On the basis of which effort do you attain your golden-aged birthright?

Answer: At this time make the effort to become complete beggars. Only when you remove your attachment from the old world and become complete beggars will you attain your golden-aged birthright. Baba says: Sweet children, become trustees. Transfer all the old rubbish that you have. Remember the Father and your inheritance and you will go to heaven. Destruction is just ahead of you. Therefore, now pack up all your old bags and baggage.

Song: No one is unique like the Innocent Lord.

Essence for dharna:
1. Renounce body consciousness, become soul conscious and remain engaged on the pilgrimage of remembrance. Become pure in this final birth and become a complete helper of the Father.
2. Remove your attachment from all your old things, become a trustee, remember the Father and your inheritance and become a master of the world.

Blessing: May you protect your mind and intellect from any negative influence with the awareness of the one word “point” and thereby become number one victorious.

At present, it is the time for Maya to especially create negative feelings and intentions in the mind and to finish accurate realisation. Therefore, adopt a means of safety in advance. The special means for this is the one word “point”. If any thought, word or deed is wasteful, then put a point (full stop) and you will be able to become number one victorious. Recognise the forms of Maya. Recognise the season and keep yourself safe.

Slogan: Those who have received the elevated fortune of serving at the confluence age are multimillion times fortunate.


The Murli today had the theme of knowing where we are going. This is a very important point because many religious beliefs are based on the “certainty that we are going to a better place.” Baba uses the same language and asks us to see what is coming, to feel that what is here is, impure, hell, etc. so we can “choose” the other.
Therefore, the task is how do I get a better status there? Which is ingrained in the Indian culture.

Most indian students coming to the USA either study to become a medical doctor or an IT guru. It is the status. I wouldn’t believe that every Indian is meant to be either one of those professions, but they make themselves do it. Lots of renunciation, lots of effort, lots of looking at the future rather than living now.

Culturally this is the technique to get someone to be enthusiastic about his/her future.

When we see gyan as it is, what matters is “now.” Now that I am aware of who I am. The more aware I become of that, the easiest “efforts” will be and the “least renunciation” will happen. It is natural for us to be satopradhan. Now we are aware that everything declines in quality, but according to time, it is the time to “ascend.” As I am aware that “being” is the starting pint of “doing,” my aim could be to let the being, to emerge naturally. That is the reason why we do so many things like following the maryadas, etc, for that is a way to let us see ourselves, that is to wake up our awareness.

We can look at gyan from the cultural Indian perspective or we can look at it, without it, or with a Western spin. Still gyan.

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