Comments on Avyakt Murli 4-29-12

Original date:11-7-74

"Become free from all weaknesses by following the directions given in the Murli."

This Murli gave some tips on becoming a master almighty authority, a knowledge-full soul.

Baba spoke about being a detached observer by being in the company of the Father. This aspect of being in “His” company needs to be explored. Is perhaps being in “His” company different than being “combined”? Is being in “His” company to see “His hand” by following Shrimat? The experience of being a detached observer is soul consciousness.

Baba instills the yukti of having all relationships with the Father. He mentions that remembrance of the Father is the key element to conquer any sort of waste thought. Baba mentions that we need to have all the powers with us and not to let the mind idle for here is when trouble happens. He says to keep ourselves busy in “burning” our sins, world service and churning gyan.

It is interesting to note that for Baba, we need to let the mind do what it has been always done: thinking. However, He is emphasizing that we need to change those thoughts into something satopradhan: Our world is Baba and whatever is related with Baba’s service. The mind is shifted into this.

This change will not be suppressive of our old sanskaras but merely to change the path. This is the point where most BKs souls encounter problems, because that shift entails to go from something corporeal, to subtle or even incorporeal. From something tangible into something “magical.”

Here is where every BK should notice how far he/she has gone into the subtle or incorporeal realms.

If we stay in the physical realm there will be repression. There will be suppression of old sanskaras, for in Baba’s teachings, there is no space for that now. If there is an experience which will be there as a consequence of our disciplined life style; then; there is understanding. Otherwise, there is only a false facade of repeating things without experience. Here is where the "numberwise" issue comes alive.

Baba also mentioned about looking at the “jewel” of the forehead and not the “snake” the body, the “evil,” thing. I hope BKs do not take that literally for a separation between body and soul can only create problems. Both are good (body and soul) both are necessary. It is not that one is evil and the other is not. However, when Baba explains to thousands of souls at the time (1974), speaking in a “black or white” language assures that those thousands of souls will get the point, although we hope it is not made a dogmatic view chastising the body. Also, there is the question if this particular Murli was “reviewed” in this aspect for as we know now, Baba’s knowledge is about keeping the body healthy as well, valuing the body or the “chariot,” if it was in fact an “evil” thing, we wouldn’t be doing that.

Churning is the way to recognize another perspective of gyan, beyond the literal meaning, the dictionary meaning of words and for an English speaking soul, the way to greater comprehension, for the truth will shine even though it is not properly translated or cut off. Truth means totality for it always embraces the "unlimited."

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