Understanding “consequence” rather than desire.

Ego is that we separates everything. Ego isolates. Ego labels. Ego thinks. Ego makes sense out of things.
The understanding of the Drama gives us the tool to see that everything flows and has a completion by itself. There is no need to "make effort."

How about that? It sounds disturbing, right? Baba says to make effort… 😉

If there is Ego, there is Effort. So, as long as we are driven by Ego, we will need to make "effort."
Soul consciousness is natural to us. Baba has said so. We are souls. Point #1 in any Raja Yoga course, then for heavens sake, why is it so difficult to recognize something which is so NATURAL?

Because there is ego. Ego wants to survive. The mind wants to think and make plans out of nothing, making an important "something" with a disturbing meaning.
Something to "do." Something to think about.

As long as there is a desire to be something even if that something is to become a Deity, we will be experiencing Ego.
Desires work in future tense. Desires are goals to pursue, in that pursuing something, we forget about "being" about living "now."

If we "do" ego-lessness, we automatically receive a consequence. There is no need to desire to be that. Any desire is ego.

Ego-lessness is our journey. It takes just a second to realize it but…. many karmic accounts to burn, before we get there… this is the price, the consequence; of our previous deeds. The Drama is about natural consequences, not about desires.

Everything is automatic, it works like a clock, when we flow in the stream of easiness and "being-ness." The minute we "desire" to do something about it, to be faster, to be "more successful" or to be something which we are not…to desire… that is the moment the magic is gone. Everything has a consequence and that consequence works based on what we "are." Doing is merely a consequence of being. Please see this.

How can we become ego-less? Paradoxically, by not desiring to be egoless, but by being aware, accepting of that what is right now. To recognize it, to observe it as a "detached observer." That could be a good first step. Recognizing something that "is," means to see the potential to be what "is" not.

That is to embrace change without desire. To be natural.


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