Comments on Sakar Murli 5-1-12

Essence: Sweet children, you belong to God’s family. The law of God’s family is to live in the consciousness of brotherhood.
The law of the Brahmin family is to live as brothers and sisters. Therefore, there can be no impure vision.

Question: In which way is the confluence age beneficial?
Answer: At this time, the Father comes personally in front of His beloved children and the part of the Father,
Teacher and Satguru is enacted at this time. This is the beneficial time when you children understand and follow
the Father’s unique instructions for changing hell into heaven and for granting salvation to everyone.

Question: How is your renunciation satopradhan?
Answer: You remove the entire old world from your intellect. By having this renunciation, you only remember the
Father and the inheritance. You also remain pure and take precautions about your diet. Through this you become deities.
The renunciation of the sannyasis is limited, not unlimited.

Song: No one is unique like the Innocent Lord.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother,
the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children,

Essence for dharna:
1.Shed the arrogance of the body and become soul conscious.
2.Practise being bodiless. Understand the drama accurately and make effort.
Don’t stop making effort by having such thoughts as, "I will do it if it’s in the drama."

Blessing: May you stay in your elevated self-respect by keeping all attainments in front of you and become a master almighty authority.

We are the most elevated souls, children of God, the highest on high — this self-respect is the most elevated self-respect.
Those who remain seated on this seat of elevated self-respect can never get upset. The self-respect of Brahmins is higher
than that of the deities. There will be constant awareness of your elevated self-respect by keeping the list of all attainments
in front of you and you will continue to sing the song: I have attained all that I wanted. The stage of being a master almighty
authority will easily be created through the awareness of all attainments.

Slogan: A yogi and pure life is the basis of all attainments.

The concept of becoming soul conscious through body conscious relationships is a concept that may need to be explored.
Granted, if my vision is of brotherhood, and there is a sister around, "I am supposed to behave as a brother." However, there will be attraction or rejection, there will be karmic accounts, there will be those things which we aren’t "supposed" to feel… This is the bridge between a teaching through words and "reality," my own honest, naked reality.

Then guilt comes to the rescue. I am ashamed of myself. I feel like a failure… then suppression intensifies that guilt if we add "dharamraj" and the fear of being heavily punished as if someone is "skinning me alive." 😉
The question that we need to ask ourselves is if through guilt, through fear, through repression, is there anyway to become elevated? Only if we see the light but no if we keep falling into guilty darkness. This is the main point to remember in my opinion. Love has to emerge somehow. Pure feelings have to emerge at some point and that cannot emerge through self punishment and fear.

Unless my feelings towards another human being hasn’t been changed, unless my nature is a balanced one, "vishnu like" (this does not mean homosexuality, but to be male if male but letting emerge the female inside or to be female if female but letting emerge the male inside, in this balance there is harmony in the being.) then all of those "pretending" games will be necessary.
The "hare krishna’s" say; " See every woman as your mother." What is wrong with seeing a woman as a woman? Only if we see souls, we will see a soul as a soul but not a woman as a soul…However, just to remember "she is a soul" will make things magical. It is a bandage but by no means the "cure."

In my experience, in a soul with male tendencies, I see every woman as a woman, a beautiful woman and I am not afraid to express that when I feel; however; that expression needs to be satopradhan. Why repress? why supress? why play games with our own mind? Success in the Bk lyfe style is about being honesty with the self primarily, it is not about "nice words."

This Murli also gave ma a glimpse into the mentality back then: " There are no couches, no seats in the soul world, you are incorporeal there." and the intelligent question of: "Why make effort if I will fall down again" was shadowed with a "don’t think that." Period.

When I am exploring gyan in depth, I need to be open to whatever I find. I cannot color my findings to support a religion or a dogma, for then I am not interested in the depth of gyan, but merely in supporting a religious belief.
There is predestination. There are roles already in us. Those roles emerge in time. Then there is the : "make effort" business. How do we make effort to become soul conscious?
Following the maryadas, that is a good start. Today Baba spoke about purity of food which is a numberwise issue, from those who cannot live without Indian spicy food to those who cannot wake up in the morning without coffee. Numberwise. Therefore, If you drink coffee, would you be able to be soul conscious? There is more than a cup of coffee in life. Then comes the word, "remembrance," the interesting thing about it is that no one has the same type of remembrance. No one. Another "numberwise" issue. We already come "wired" to meet our destiny. There couldn’t be failure in it. However, only honesty within the self will allow us to see if we are up for the challenge of a BK life or not.

If you wake up for "amrit vela" because "you have to," you are missing the point entirely. You are suffering and settling your karmic accounts at this point by going without further sleep. Let us find the meaning in seeing the self, in being honest in what we find through those experiences, through that gyan which is hardly explored to its depth; then we will stop doing things out of fear, we will stop doing things out of "politically correctness," then we will live fully according to our roles.

Happiness is now, not in the Golden age. There is no happiness there. there is "only" bliss. As the blessing mentioned let us take a look at our attainments and be honest with that and see if this is the route that we "want to follow," according to the Drama.

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