Topics with Depth:The truth cannot be spoken.

Topics with Depth:

2. The truth cannot be spoken.

“the soul is an infinitesimal immaterial point of light, located  in the middle of the forehead.”

If I ask, what is honesty? Someone could give me a definition. That definition is based on that person experience at the best or a dictionary definition at worse. There is no definition that could fit reality. All definitions fit experiences.

Words are defining. Any language is a “closed box” for spiritual truth. Even if “God speaks” those spoken words could not fit “truth” for it can only fit a reality. Life is movement. Words are static. Static words cannot fit a changing reality. They merely point out.

It has been said: “scriptures are like a pointing finger. They point to the stars. Do not get trapped with the finger. See the stars.”

“Death is better than to live in Hell.” (SM 5-4-12)  If we analyze those words, we will find inconsistencies with gyan.  It is not hell for everyone.

We need to go beyond the analysis and to see the motive, the point in discussion; what the speaker is trying to convey, the feeling rather than what is being conveyed through words. Communication does not happen through spoken words, it happens when I am able to sense other things about a person (vibes, attitude, vision, manners, face, etc.)  Those things which I perceive about a person cannot be put into words. It is something to sense, to feel.

I can read something and see that the author matches my thinking, my experience, however; that cannot be called the “truth.” It is “my truth.”

The experience of something magical in life, like meeting Baba or something unusual could be described as magical, unusual, wonderful, etc. Those labels do not represent the truth of living life.

Someone may say that his “Ferrari 458 is unusual, magical and wonderful as well.”  Same words different meanings. Different truth.

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