Topics with Depth:No one is guilty therefore, there is no punishment

“Only 8 will pass with honors. The rest experience punishment.”
“A predestined role is playing in every soul.”

3. No one is guilty. There is no punishment.

Let us put together powerful concepts of gyan: Predestination, numberwise and “eternally repeating cycle.”
If we just meditate on those 3 concepts, we will see that there could not possibly be “punishment” as when performing a “bad action.” It is merely a consequence which a soul has the capacity to withstand. After all we are still here… 😉
There cannot be punishment for performing a predestined role, predestined part. Predestination is beneficial for it “free us” from guilt and fear.
If everyone was celibate, the souls from “up above” wouldn’t be able to experience life at this time. Therefore, it is “good” to have non-celibate beings around. Why would they get “punishment” for? There is settlement, consequences but those are not “bad.” They are just necessary for the Drama to continue.

Obviously the consequence of a particular activity will be experienced. What we loosely call “good karma and bad karma,” nevertheless everything is “good” in the Drama. Everyone gets “liberation and liberation in life” no matter what everyone does.
Where is that punishment then? It is time to realize and get rid of fear based words. That can only happen when the “child” grows up, otherwise; Daddy will treat a child …like a child. Punishment is needed, then.
To feel guilt is “auto punishment.” You will get the consequence of it whether you feel guilty or not, then; why feel guilty? It will not help. It is useless. Better get ready to face the consequences. That is a more mature behavior.
Guilt is for little children, but sometimes grown-ups can behave like them.


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