Comments on Sakar Murli 5-11-12

Essence: Sweet children, if you want to be part of the rosary of victory, become those whose intellects have the faith
that the incorporeal Father is teaching us and that He will take us back with Him. Do not allow any doubt about this to come.

Question: What are the main signs of the children who are to become victorious jewels?
Answer: They never have doubt about any aspect. They have faith in their intellects. They have the faith that
1. This is the time of the confluence, when the land of sorrow is to end and the land of happiness is to come.
2. The Father is teaching us Raja Yoga. He will make us soul conscious and take us back with Him.
He is speaking to us souls, and we are sitting personally in front of Him.
3. God is our Father; because He is teaching us Raja Yoga, therefore, He is our Teacher and, because
He takes us to the land of peace, He is also our Satguru.
Those whose intellects have such faith will become victorious in every way.

Song: Having found You we have found everything. The earth and sky all belong to us.

Essence for dharna:
1. In order to become the masters of the land of truth, earn a true income from the Father.
Stay in remembrance of the Father, the Master, and become a conqueror of Maya.
2. In order to claim an unlimited inheritance from the Father, pay full attention to the Father’s teachings.
Imbibe these teachings very well.

Blessing: May you be filled with the fragrance of spirituality by remaining beyond all limits and
by experiencing God’s love.

Just as a rose remains detached and very fragrant while in the midst of thorns and doesn’t get spoilt
by the thorns, in the same way, spiritual roses who remain beyond all limits, detached from the body
and not influenced by anything, remain filled with the fragrance of their spirituality. Such fragrant souls
are loved by the Father and the Brahmin family. God’s love is unlimited and unshakeable. There is so much
of it that everyone can attain it. However, the way to receive it is to be detached.

Slogan: In order to experience the avyakt stage, remain detached from gross feelings and intentions.

In this Murli we see the explanation of the cycle of happiness and suffering. God and Ravan are "almighty authorities," for that reason, Ravan has his time and God has his time as well.
Experiencing suffering eventually will lead into happiness. Also, the experience of happiness eventually leads into sorrow. That is duality, that is separation of experiences as "bad" or "good" when in fact those experiences are just necessary. We just need to accept them without thinking about accepting.

This is important to understand because one side brings the other side automatically. Here is where the understanding of "effortless effort" comes into the picture. (To be expanded in another writing.)

This Murli also showed the importance of being acquainted with Indian traditions and systems. "They will look at the pictures of Laxmi and Narayan and once they know that they can become them, they will say that this knowledge is good."

This brings the caste system. If you are from the Brahmin clan you are in. That is prestige, wealth, power, etc. The name of "true Brahmin" is very appealing because anyone can become a "true Brahmin" if they follow gyan.
This is the same reason why many Indians became Catholics, because "under the eyes of God, every child is equal. " That simply throws away the caste system.

We cannot apply something like this into Western standards. The "true Brahmin" label does not change things. here is when many times that "spiritual ego" to become "elite" comes through the cracks of the walls and reaaly shows the world about our "true colors."

The blessing about getting love from God and the family by being detached is something to go deep into it. Detachment is being complete. Out of that completeness; desires are out, a reaction because of external forces are gone and that state automatically brings love from others; for detachment is love when we are in that state of love.

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