Comments on Sakar Murli 5-12-12

Essence: Sweet children, churn the ocean of knowledge and prove the history and geography of
Bharat and the era of the new world and the duration of the cycle will automatically be proved.

Question: What deep concern do you children have which is different from that of other human beings?
Answer: Your deep concern is to salvage the sunken boat of the world and to relate the true story of
becoming Narayan and the story of immortality to everyone so that they can all progress. Although
there are big palaces and electricity etc., people do not realise that that is all false, artificial progress.
The real progress was in the golden age which the Father has now brought about.

Song: At last the day we had been waiting for has come.

Essence for dharna:
1. In order to remove falsehood from within you, always listen to the story of the true Narayan
and inspire others to do the same. Do not perform such activity that the Father would be defamed.

2. Be sweet to each other. Never be like salt water. Imbibe good qualities and then do service.

Blessing: May you be constantly unshakeable and immovable and experience a stage of pleasure
in every situation with the method of “nothing new”.

A Brahmin means one who constantly stays in a stage of pleasure. Let the song constantly be
playing in your heart: Wah Baba and wah my fortune! Do not be surprised by any situation of
upheaval in the world, but just put a full stop. No matter what happens, it is nothing new for you.
Nothing is new for you. Let your stage be so unshakeable internally. Your mind should not be
confused in “Why?”, or “What?” for only then will you be said to be unshakeable and immovable souls.

Slogan: When you have good wishes and pure feelings in your attitude pure vibrations will continue to spread.


In this Murli Baba is asking us to "churn the ocean of knowledge and prove the history and geography of Bharat."
Is that "proving" done through scientific evidence? NO. That proving is done through the premises of gyan, once we put everything together and see how it fits. When I say "everything" I refer to the main aspects of gyan: eternity (aka predestination) repetition, 3 worlds, re-incarnation, duality and numberwise (entropy in scientific terms.)

We cannot prove gyan through scientific knowledge, because gyan breaks all previous knowledge, from linear time to religious belief about God to silly concepts such as free will when looked at under the ideologies of well known religions.

Gyan is a whole different "animal" in itself. We cannot rely on "There is no proof of deities having existed" because if scientists found one, they could call that a "Neanderthal man, " even though such a thing has not existed. You can only find what you are looking for and scientists are not looking for deities remains.

Science is just beginning to accept cyclical time and that is a breakthrough. This is not something that could be "proven" by hard evidence but by some assumptions based on observations.

However, Gyan as it is known now, needs to be improved in my humble opinion. The reason is simple: It has been catered for the understanding of people with Hindu traditions and without much education. It is full of devotion rather than understanding. It is more about the "heart" than the "head." As it is, to talk to a Westerner about gyan becomes a challenge.

An article about the cycle of time forwarded by someone to me, will be discussed in an article to show what I mean.

Baba however, has changed in avyakt murlis. He is no longer concerned about "proving the truth," but He mentions that "the truth does not need any proof." 🙂

The blessing in this Murli brings the popular "nothing new." This phrase is catchy and the reason for it to be there, is to remain immovable under any circumstances.

How about if we look at the Golden age, "Madhyayibhav" and say "nothing new"? Obviously that trick only works at the present time. To be unmovable is beyond memorizing catchy phrases. It is a state of being, a state of complete acceptance, a state when ego has been surrendered.

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