STATEMENT: “I challenge any BK to explain to me why the scholars’ view of history is wrong, and give me the evidence to support the BKs’ concept of the 5000 Year Cycle. “Baba says …” is not evidence.”

This statement was made by Dr. Peter Iveson, when he wrote this article:
which you can read here
which was forwarded to me by a BK asking for my opinion. I decided to go ahead and write this piece about this article and respond to that challenge. Hopefully this article will get into Dr. Iveson’s eyes.

First, let me make clear that Dr. Iveson is basically playing Baba’s gyan on Western “historical research.”

I have problems with that. “History of the world” has been catered towards European view of the world. Let us not forget about Mayans and North American Indians, and South American Incas who strongly believed in a cyclical view of time. According to Christian European history, the year 1492 is when Christopher Columbus “discovered” America. Wrong.
America has a longer history than Europe and if everyone is to recite that 1492 is the year of its discovery, that is in fact a very biased way of looking at history of the world.

With this in mind, let me add that Gregorian calendar is an European invention based on the interests of Christianity.

If we want to disprove Baba’s gyan because a Ph.D or a group of them have gotten together to recollect arbitrary facts about our world, then that is not the right approach. The reason why I say “arbitrary” is because there have been historians/mathematicians who have challenged current historical dates and they have been shut down by the “status quo” Christian faith/the mob of “mainstream.” Here is an example: History:Fiction or Science? by A.T Fomenko (Russia) who is part of what is known as “New Chronology” movement. Here the link to know more about it.
Certainly this is a “must know” for any BK interested in explaining the 5000 year cycle history to an intellectual who professes faith on mainstream Ph.Ds. Here is a youtube link

As I have mentioned before and many times already, current population alone and trends of it in the last 200 years (census) categorically disprove that human beings have existed for millions of years. See this:
However, by the magic of mathematics we can see that 5000 years is indeed feasible, especially if we take the work of hard core, traditional Christians Ph.Ds who are maintaining that God created the world 6000 years ago. Let them show us the “truth” about carbon dating and other scientific “proven” tests.

The mistake of Dr. Iveson is to try to fit Baba’s gyan into Western dogma called “history of the world.” (Should say European version.) If we are to prove Baba’s gyan wrong, we need to look at concepts of gyan itself to disprove that. We cannot disprove Plato by using the concepts of Rousseau.

We want evidence of 5000 year cycle? There is none. Just like scientific evidence about the age of the Earth (to err on millions of years is allowed under scientific dogma.)

Now, if we want to assume that Baba’s year is in fact equivalent to Gregorian calendar, then we can see that we are in year 2012. Note that AD is considered year “1” so we have already an error of a year.

We are really in 2011 for that reason. If in fact, 2011 years have passed since Jesus was born and before that we had 500 years (beginning of Copper age) then it follows that we are over the 2500 years allowed in Baba’s gyan. However, the mistake is to believe that Baba is counting the 2000 years when Jesus was born.

Baba is explaining that “Christ” is the founder of that religion and we also know through gyan that Christ incarnated into Jesus in his later years out of his “historical” 33 years of life. Some authors dispute that Christ lived many more years after the crucifixion and that he even died in India.

Therefore, when do we start counting those 2000 years? When Christianity was established. When was that? We do not know. If we think that this date is when Christ incarnated on Jesus and if we believe that to happen when Jesus was 30, then we still have about 20 years more to go before destruction or before the “cut off” date happens. But, this is just an speculation like anything else.

Therefore, I don’t see any issue with a 5000 year old cycle. It is quite possible and it has plenty of supporters starting with hard core Christian Ph.Ds (Especially now that more scientists are jumping on the bandwagon of a cyclical view of time and endless “big-bangs”….)


  1. avyakt7

    Dear soul,
    The point of Dr. Iveson is to show that this cycle of time is not 5000 years based on the “history of the world” made up by Europeans. If he wants to believe in that story based on “facts” recited by some, I have the facts of the current trend on world population, which discourages the same “history ” of Europeans of mankind having arrived on Earth a million years ago.
    If he believes that Christianity was founded when Jesus was born (rather than Christ) then that is a faulty assumption.It is not that Christianity was founded 2000 years ago, but that Jesus was born 2000 years ago, according to our Gregorian calendar. There is a difference. Baba’s gyan talk about Christianity being founded in year 500 out of the 2500 years of duality. That does not mean that Baba’s timing is following our Gregorian calendar and European version of the history of the world.

    Best wishes!


  2. Alexandre Masquio

    Ok, but EVEN if the cycle is not 5000 years, and is 6000 or 7000, or up to 15,000, it’s still just a detail, which came from Brahma Baba, as he was the one who churned the knowledge

    Shiv Baba doesnt know numbers! Whats really important is: The souls started pure, later got impure, and now God teaches yoga to purify the soul again! That’s all that matters! The world is what it is, and just because we don’t know the details, it doesn’t change anything. But our connection with God, is what really changes anything. We are getting satopradhan again.


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