Comments on Avyakt Murli 5-13-12

The portrait of elevated fortune through having completely pure attitude and vision.

Original date: 7-18-74


BapDada is comparing the value of a portrait with the value of being fortunate. While the value of a portrait is in the face of that portrait, similarly; the value of being fortunate is in 3 specialties: 1) powerful awareness (embodiment of remembrance,) 2) brotherly attitude 3) Spiritual vision of each other.

These 3 characteristics are recognizable on someone who is fortunate. Anything that is missing will diminish the value of that fortune; therefore, Baba is asking us to check ourselves through the “gift” of a divine intellect. This checking will allow us to recognize Maya at a distance.

Baba also mentioned that to create those 3 specialties of being fortunate, we will need to work on 3 things: 1) To stabilize in the stage of being beyond 2) becoming humble and 3) bringing renewal instead of destruction to others stage.

Baba also mentioned that we lack self-respect when we look for respect, when we are seeking for praise.

The blessing reminded us to be an almighty authority by maintaining all powers under our control and the slogan, mentioned that once we are egoless, we can easily stabilize in the subtle and incorporeal stages.

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