Point in depth Embrace duality do not select ***

“The Drama is beneficial for all.”
7. Embrace duality do not select.

We have been taught to select good against bad. Day over night. God over Ravan, etc.
When we see things in the “unlimited” there is no such a thing as “making a choice” or selecting. Why? Because things have to happen as they are. Therefore, to say that those things are “bad” or “good” is just to select one aspect of them and to deny the other.
This is why Baba says “According to time.” According to time we need to be at some place so we can flow with the Drama. The Drama is already moving in a particular direction and we just move with it. Connect with it. We are not selecting, we are not denying Ravan, the night or evil. We embrace everything in the “unlimited” because everything is needed in the “big picture.”
The understanding of this point will liberate us of our petty morality. There is no morality in the Drama. We have moral values, codes, laws etc. which create lawyers and judges and nullify our ability to be. The issue is that through Baba’s knowledge we can “be” according to time. This knowledge is not there so we can be “Good” forever. No. This knowledge disappears as well at the right time.
Similarly the capacity of a soul to withstand suffering is the same capacity to withstand happiness. That ability creates a “number.” That number gives variety to this Drama and that variety allows “movement.” Variety increases as time increases from “day 1.”
Practically, this point shall teach us that we cannot fight within ourselves. We cannot deny, suppress and repress the Ravan inside. We just have to accept that it is there, be aware of it and move “according to time.” The battle will be won as long as we are aware that daylight must appear and that we have the “aim and objective clear” in our whole being. It is just a matter of time. There is no battle to be won. It is a game.


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