Question: Can we Conquer lust and sexual desires? (For non-BKs)

There are some readers here who do not have a BK background who are interested in topics related with “sexuality” and “celibacy.” For them, here is an explanation of the importance of celibacy to “heal” the self from a potential addiction. This article was not written with a BK audience in mind, so bear with me.. it is for non-BK souls… 🙂

It is commonly thought that sexual intercourse is “natural.” However, there has been in history different instances when birth has been attained without sexual means. Abraham had a son, Isaac who was born from his old mother and was considered as “Godly gift.” Likewise the birth of Jesus, according to Christianity was an “immaculate birth.” Same with Krishna, even though there are a couple of stories about his birth. For instance, it is believed by Christians that Christ does not have the “original sin” because of his special birth.

Are those stories possible? Maybe.

Let me ask this question:
If sex and sexuality is that “good,” why diseases, mental anguish and emotional pain go along with it? In a highly sexual society it is incredible the number of diseases that could be acquired due to “unprotected sex.” Ever wonder if taking a pill or wearing a condom is part of the “natural” make up of a sexual experience? Perhaps pornography is needed to enhance a “sweet and loving” relationship? Or how about sexual addiction or the different sexual /power games associated with a so called “natural” experience? The argument that “sex is needed because otherwise humanity will not continue” is a big fallacy. These words will not be read by “humanity” but for those who believe or have an interest in a higher way of life. Those are the ones that could practice celibacy. Humanity will continue in its “old ways” driven by economic forces and brain washing of the media.

Sexuality as practiced by human beings without spiritual maturity is a game with no winners. The issue is not the “act.” the issue is who is acting: A lustful, angry human being; (AKA “Normal person”) Therefore, the need to “heal” ourselves by observing the “withdrawal effect” of not indulging in an activity which causes addiction. This is referred as “conquering sex lust.”

To conquer something you need to understand it. This is not theoretical understanding but practically through experience of observing ourselves.

Sex is associated with death. The purpose of it is to create life. The price of creating life is death. This is dualism 101. It is the “law” of Nature. Sorry.

A pregnant woman sacrifices her own body, which will never be the same again. A man sacrifices its seed which gives him strength. A person used to masturbate will have the following characteristics: Their eyes will lose their brightness; weakness in the body will set in as the person ages, his will power will be greatly reduced and most importantly, that person is enforcing lust as a way to relate with people. Lust is a form of violence because the intention is not the well being of another person but rather to satiate a sexual impulse. Usually a lustful person is an angry person. Even though, anger is enhanced by the belief that it is “normal,” it is a vice which denotes lack of tolerance. An angry person cannot follow the path of celibacy. An angry person uses fear and negative emotions to relate with others. This cannot be “normal” for a human being who talks about “brotherhood” and “peace in the world.”

Anger produces chemical imbalances in the body which self destroy an individual. Ask any Ph.D. This is self-violence.

To conquer sex lust, anger needs to completely vanish. If a person is lustful, that person will not be able to touch another person without feeling sexual about it. The so called “attraction” sets in as long as there is lust. Without lust, tenderness sets in. Through tenderness a relationship with another human being will not be violent. When sexual energy is transformed into beautiful feelings from the heart chakra, the sense of touch and eyesight change completely. The violent rush to reach orgasm is changed into a meaningful and fulfilling relationship based on feelings.

The sense of touch is an extraordinary sense. Caresses are examples of those feelings of tenderness. Complete relaxation of the body is necessary rather than sexual tension building up. To move that energy from the second chakra to the heart and above is something that “humanity” cannot do, but those who are willing to understand the benefits of celibacy.

Because nowadays spirituality has been left aside, beauty and sensibility are no longer part of the traditional values. Lust has taken human beings even lower than animals. An animal will never have sexual needs by looking at a picture or fantasize about a sexually charged tv program. Human beings into the “virtual” world can do that. Because beauty is not understood, the major worry is to attain a “perfect body” as if everyone was the same. Beauty is thought to be physical when in fact; beauty is not something related with a body. Bodies are proportional and the conjunction of muscles with fat and a good posture will give the sense of balance but beauty resides in the heart. The quality of feelings makes a person beautiful. Someone may be good looking but not beautiful. Sex lust is related with looks and not beauty.Lust can be conquered. When it is not understood running away and closing doors is preached to avoid temptations. When it is understood, there is no need to run away from it. Just like people are afraid of a big tiger whenever it comes, someone who is willing to spend sometime with that tiger in a loving manner can become that tiger’s friend. Conquering sex lust seems like being able to caress the belly of that big tiger. Trust needs to be build up with the tiger, a sense of balance of energies needs to be developed continuously; otherwise that tiger can turn around and eat that person.


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