Points in Depth: Repetition: one more time. The deepest point of all

9. Repetition one more time

The world will be destroyed. You will get the lowest status of all in Heaven unless you do service, remembrance, give your bones to the yagya, etc. This is the only time to make effort. Hurry up! Little time remains.

Sounds familiar?
Is the aim of experiencing life to get to the Golden age? Is life worthwhile just because of the Golden age?
Everything that we have done will repeat. The “good,” the “bad,” the “ugly,” the “beautiful”…
Hurry up sacrifice your life to pay your “karmic accounts”? You need to be an “emperor in the Golden age.” It is all about the Status. This is called “outside pressure,” don’t stop to smell the roses because they will be gone anyway and then you will get attached to them and suffer… 🙂

It is a good method to move someone by using the “punishment/reward” duality. It has been a good method to control children and the masses in general. The method is according to our consciousness.

For some reason, that does not sound right for me.
Whatever I do, whatever I may be, it is guaranteed that I will be me again….avyakt7; and If I am a BK, if I have heard the Murli even once….then Baba guarantees that I will be in Heaven. Perhaps someplace in the Silver age, perhaps at the end of the silver age to enjoy another “destruction,” but certainly I will experience that again and again. There is newness in this repetition.

The amazing part to understand is that I cannot “learn from my mistakes.” I cannot rectify what I have done, for there is nothing wrong or right. It is a role that needs to be performed. Please see this. This Drama does not allow me the chance to rectify things, and I have been in complete “darkness” for the last 2400 years and only have 100 years or less to “settle” my accounts. Notice that if you weren’t born in the “Yagya” and had 70 years plus of yoga; you weren’t fortunate enough to make it among the 8 “jewels.”

Do you feel “bad” about this “unfortunate” event? What do you think if I tell you that, this will repeat again and again?

This is something that not everyone is ready to understand.

You cannot “fix” anything “broken” in the Drama. There is nothing to fix. There is nothing broken.

The Drama happened as it was. It is all good. By all means if you feel it within you to explore and experience the self and what is like to be a “master of the senses,” do it. If it is not imposed from the outside and if it comes from your inner knowledge; you will do it. It is guaranteed.

When discipline comes from the “inside” is not discipline. It is who you are. You are expressing the role that you need to play, you are flowing. That discipline to “become” needs to be really who you are. “Becoming” kills you. “Being” is pleasure…

At that point, there is no need to feel “pressure.”
“This thing will end. Have disinterest, forget about it, otherwise you will receive severe punishment.”

When the bird flies in the sky, the sky is all there is for the bird. If the bird knew that this moment will repeat, the bird will start thinking and then the sky wouldn’t be all there is but just thoughts about the sky disappearing and appearing. Interest with disinterest appear. Reward with punishment comes along.

The moment of beauty, the flying moment is gone and so is life…. and it will repeat again just like that…

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