Question: how to overcome submissiveness? Is it a negative energy? How to do the ground work?

Great question! Thank you.
Submissiveness has many meanings to different individuals.
In a spiritual gathering, in a religion; it could be considered a symbol for “egoless.” As a matter of fact, when someone is submissive is considered to be “good.” In the real world, to be submissive means lack of “drive,” lack of self respect.
We can act in life. We can be submissive at work while we are surrounded by our bossess. It is that respect for hierarchy which could turn into devotion. To know that our jobs are necessary to survive could bring that.
At a spiritual gathering we may not be submissive, because no one there controls our salary, our way of living.

Therefore, to be submissive is not necessarily a “bad” trait. Your dog will be submissive to you, because the dog knows that you will feed him. With others, the same dog will not stand a flea nearby.
The issue comes when we realize that we are not honestly expressing ourselves. Here is when the thought of being submissive is bothersome. The dog doesn’t think about it. The dog knows about his own survival and comfort. A spiritual human being will observe this characteristic of submisiveness in himself and will be turned off by it. That is the time to change.

There is fear in submisivness. There is fear of being left out, of not being part of the “gang.” When that fear goes away, submissiveness goes with it.
In life we learn, neither to be submissive nor to be an arrogant bossy flea…Any extremes lack balance and when there is no balance, there is no song to sing. 🙂
All the best.

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