Healing the heart through poetry: Letting go

As the clouds move through a perfect moment with the sun; a timeless instant in the sky,
my love of beauty cannot remain, for it will hurt to let it go.

My perception and feelings must go on, to a place with no name.
The moment needs to finish when the instant vanishes as those relentless hopes which have no place to sink in.
Beauty never stays the same, but only in the heart of the beholder.
Beholding is not the way, as the way is always newness…

It just remains to go away.

I found what I have lost: It is something which only I know, which I have not experienced before.
It is a song with no name. No artist or signature to claim it. It is just a song which plays every time there is beauty to see, to perceive to feel.
As I cannot possess beauty with my hands, as I cannot embrace it with my limbs, I must let it go and learn to just see. Let it be.

Tomorrow will be gone.

The moment could be eternal, even though it is just an instant;
There is no opportunity for deep feelings, there is no time, no opportunity for questions,
it is all just one moment with no guarantees…

Let it go. For it will go.

In the experience of something which is gone there is sadness coming from the soul.
It is heaviness in the heart, for I must understand that beauty needs to go.
As darkness moves into a day full of light, and as the sun moves to meet the horizon,
many colors will be seen, which I can only see when I forget what is to see.

Time has no friends. New birds will appear flying in the sky just as a new wave appears every time the former disappears to be lost in the ocean.

Forever gone, but not so.

Perhaps as I let you go, something will come which otherwise wouldn’t.
Going away is not the end, but just another beginning.
Hope just fills another day with nothing, to be empty handed.

I need to let you go, to let you be free from my mind…. to see that this is not the afternoon that I thought it could have been…
Perhaps it wasn’t meant to be.

There is a maybe, a tomorrow; but that only brings further sorrow.
You need to fly from my mind and meet your destiny, which is not mine.

To hold onto beauty is a mirage, a beautiful mirage in a sunny afternoon;
as clear as the white sands of that ocean which welcomed us in the elation of that summer that could have been.
The mirage will pass but your beauty will remain. Things will change, but that change only makes your beauty…
more beautiful.

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