Question:The kalpa (cycle) repeats after every 5000 yrs exactly. What is way to remember the act we performed 5000 yrs back so it will be helpful for me to solve today’s problems?

🙂 Great question. Thank you very much.

What we have done before, is what we will do again.
In that sense, past and future..are all the same!
(it even rhymes! 🙂 )

Even though we know that we are going to “die,” (leave the body) there is nothing that we could do to stop that. It has to be experienced.
Similarly with the so called “problems.” We need to go through them if it is in the Drama of life. One of the greatest point in knowledge is that:“The Drama is beneficial for all.”

Whatever happens to you now, has benefit because will allow you to be “you” again…in 5000 years. 🙂 We will learn some lessons, we will move in time with different experiences, but the bottom line is that every experience will take you to “now” again and again. Every “now” is eternal.

Therefore, “enjoy the problems.” They will go away to come back. Once we are aware of that through knowledge, we see the futility of worrying about the future. What matters is NOW.

Gyan gives us the tools to clear our minds from all perceptions and enjoy a worry-free mind. Last, “we do not solve problems.” Problems solve themselves.

To answer your question right to the point; you do not need to remember what happened 5000 years ago. You do not need to solve anything. You just “need” to enjoy the ride, because if you do that NOW, it is guaranteed that you will do that again! It will be eternal. 🙂

Best wishes and thank you again!

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