21 births in the “in-laws” – Mystery or …?

16. The 21 births mystery
“You take 21 births in the in-laws.”

On June 12th Baba mentioned that: “You take 21 births in the in-laws.”

Therefore, the usual answer of “you take 8 births in the GA, 12 in the SA and 1…right now, in the confluence age” does not match the math. The “in-laws” is not the confluence age.
So, we need to look for another answer.

Baba has mentioned that in the Golden age the “normal” life span is 125 to 150 years.
He hasn’t mentioned how long the life span is in the Silver age as far as I remember.

So, we can do our math and see that it does not match 1250 years which is the “duration” of the Golden age.
So, what happen?

We cannot go by the number of births in the Golden age because only 900,000 souls will be there on “day 1.” Therefore, were they born before the Golden age?
Yes. That is you missing birth. Is that part of the “in-laws”? Yes, because they are living in the Golden age. BUT, no…. because they were not born in the Golden age. 🙂 I love paradoxes…

Let us remember that “84 births” is the number of Births that Brahma/Krishna has taken. In Gyan, BRAHMA BABA IS THE MEASURING STICK.

Was Mama’s birth her last one when she was a BK? NO. Therefore the words in the Murli : “This is your last birth” is half true… 😉 For some it may be but not for others. For BRAHMA BABA, it was.
In the Golden and Silver ages, Baba is referring to “dynasties.” That is why in some Murlis, Baba mentions about “Narayan 1,2,3, etc.” There are 8 Narayans and 12 Ramas.
Our number of births is not constant. Again Brahma Baba will probably take his life as the measuring stick for all BKs. He took 8 births in the GA, 12 Births in the SA, etc. His missing (1) birth will be when he is born as Krishna. He will be born outside the confluence age (he is born when destruction takes place.)
BUT when the Golden age starts, he is BORN AGAIN BY CHANGING HIS NAME TO NARAYAN.
Therefore… 21 births for HIM.
To recap:
Let us remember then that Brahma Baba generalizes gyan based on his own life experience in the cycle. Brahma Baba takes 84 births. 8 in the GA, 12 in the SA, etc.
Brahma Baba’s last birth ended in 1969 in this kalpa (84.) Brahma Baba’s 1st birth will be when he is born as Krishna until he changes his name to Narayan. That is his First birth in the GA, but his second birth in the new kalpa.

How about that? 😉

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