Comments on Sakar Murli 7-2-12

Essence: Sweet children, you don’t have to renounce performing actions, but renounce performing sinful actions.
Don’t perform any vicious, that is, any sinful, action.

Question: With which practice can you children experience dead silence?
Answer: Practise being bodiless. No one except the one Father must be remembered. Let it be as though
you are dead to the body. With this practice the soul can experience dead silence.

Question: What is the easy way to become free from all types of sorrow?
Answer: Keep the awareness of the drama very clearly in your intellect. Look at every actor as a detached
observer and you will become free from sorrow; you will never be shocked by anything.

Song: Salutations to Shiva.

Essence for dharna:
1. Let go of impurity and maintain your pure pride. In order to keep your face as constantly cheerful as
those of the deities, stay infinitely happy.

2. Become egoless, like BapDada. Become a server and prove it; never become unworthy.

Blessing: May you have a right to the imperishable inheritance by taking every step on the basis
of God’s shrimat.

God’s shrimat that you elevated, fortunate souls receive at the confluence age is the most elevated sustenance.
You cannot take even one step without shrimat, that is, without God’s sustenance. You will not receive such
sustenance even in the golden age. Now, you say from practical experience that God Himself is your Sustainer.
Let this intoxication always remain emerged and you will experience yourself to be overflowing with unlimited
treasures and also consider yourself to have a right to the imperishable inheritance.

Slogan: A worthy and obedient child is one who becomes completely pure and yogi and gives the return of love.


This Murli has practical points to remember. The practice of being "body-less" which means that our awareness of not being the body, needs to be accurate and sharp.

Also, to look at the Drama as a detached observer to avoid unnecessary suffering. It is the balance of performing our part according to the setting/circumstance that we have in life, and to know gyan deep down so we know what is going on.

If a relative "leaves the body" I will not be preaching that: "What is the big deal, He is just taking another body.." That is lack of sensitivity. To be in the moment, to live the moment is to do accoding to what is required at that time.

Not performing sinful actions, could be added to the example above. It is not that "I am doing something" but yes, I am "giving suffering" to others who are not ready to understand me, specially, in such a "sorrowful" occasion.

There is a need to use tact, to avoid giving sorrow.

The blessing tells us how to avoid performing sinful actions. By having the "sustenance" of the Father; that is Shrimat.
Gyan allow us to sense shrimat and go along with it. It is intuitive once we have imbibed different aspects of knowledge. At that point, we do not need to ask to someone else "what shall I do in this circumstance." That is why we hear the Murli every day.
However, let us be aware that there are different stages of effort making, and this does not mean that "everyone must do that." There is nothing in gyan which is "Black or white" only. Everything needs to be understood according to time and according to circumstances.
Likewise the point, "God has created this religion," may bring some issues with other religions. God does not have favorites. "His activity" is according to time as well. Other religions had their time, had their role in the Drama and therefore, had their truth.
To understand that things are needed and true according to time is a deep point in gyan.

We cannot be the same and do the same. We need to change. Change is one of those "static" "truths" in the Drama… Paradoxically… 😉

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