Paradoxical Life

How everything works, what is the truth?
Veracity may appear very much like falsehood
Your question has already an answer
Reason nor logic know intuition’s neighborhood

You think there is something like free will
because predestination gives you the chill
You think that we die at the end of this road
not realizing that eternity has the real code

Reincarnation opposes an eternal heaven
time is not a line but a repeating cycle
your cat has way more lives than seven
Everything in this world just recycles!

the consequence of your actions
will come back to you, no doubt
for life remembers your factions
no matter if you pull your clout

You think you are someone, a body
Paradoxically, there is nobody
you aren’t what you see reflected as such
You are what you feel and think as much

Science will give you an authoritative answer
obscuring their response with an alien, sophisticated language
modifying their theories as the steps of a dancer
combining Newton’s physics with quantum in a tasteless sandwich

The truth is a Paradox
The more you think and understand with your mind
the lesser you live, know and love with your heart
if you want to know how it is outside
you need to start … from the inside

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