The tree of religions: Abraham and Islam?

According to Baba’s teachings, at the beginning of the Copper age, Abraham appears representing “Islam.”
Then we have Buddha, representing Buddhism and Christ representing Christianity. Later on, Mohammed appeared to represent the Muslims.
These religions are the main representatives in the Western world.

The issue that many have is the representation of Abraham with “Islam.” Our historical Western “dogma” makes us feel that there is a mistake in that. Judaism is not even there! Some say.
However, Baba’s picture is pretty accurate.

I found this helpful website: which explains the “mystery.”

Basically the term “Islam” means “to surrender to God.” Actually we should use it in its gerund form, which is “surrendering to God.”
This is not a religion. It is a practice. Abraham was the first one to embrace monotheism.
“Abraham is hailed as the first Hebrew and the father of the Jewish people. As a reward for his act of faith in one God, he was promised that Isaac, his second son, would inherit the Land of Israel (then called Canaan). Later, Jacob and his children were enslaved in Egypt, and God commanded Moses to lead the Exodus from Egypt. At Mount Sinai they received the Torah – the five books of Moses. “

Therefore, religious paths known as “Abrahamic religions” have great esteem on Abraham for he represents the seed of monotheism; including Judaism, Muslims and Christians.

The mentioned web article clarifies about Abraham: “Due to the excellence of Abraham, God made prophets from his progeny, from them Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob (Israel) and Moses, guiding people to the truth.
The lofty status of Abraham is one shared by Judaism, Christianity and Islam alike. The Jews see him to be epitome of virtue as he fulfilled all the commandments although before they were revealed, and was the first to come to the realization of the One True God. He is seen as the father of the chosen race, the father of prophets due to which God started his series of revelations.”

Therefore, when Baba refers to “Islam,” He is not referring to Muslims, Jews or to any specific religion. He is referring to the act of surrendering from several Gods to only one. Let us remember that Abraham is not the founder of any specific religion.
From that act of surrendering to One, the other religions are born. Therefore, He uses the term “Islam,” to represent that. 🙂

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