Ego trip to Bombay via Hawai :-)

There is no “effort making” when there is no ego. The experience of a karmic account is not experienced as such, if there is no ego. Karma entails a return, but when ego is absent even though the return occurs, there is no “I” to judge/feel “good” or “bad”. Physical pain is a different experience but our ability to psychologically feel well despite physical pain is part of that absence of ego.
It was shared:

“To give blessings to any one is not a big deal, but to be able to bless those who create ‘obstacles’ on our path, to those who ‘inflict pain’ to us or cause ‘loss’, requires deep understanding of gyan and a huge accumulation of yoga power.”

To be able to feel that someone is inflicting pain or cause loss or obstacles in our path, is part of having ego. That ego will not allows us to recognize that the Drama is perfect. All those experiences are needed for me to go where I need to be. It is “I” analyzing experiences and labeling experiences as I “would like them to be”.

I had a good chat with a friend of mine about this “ego” and found out that we can only see that everything is the way it is supposed to be, when that ego is out.

As a matter of fact, I now realize that out of those ” 5 vices” which are stopping us from reaching our destination, ego is the one that holds everything together. The house of vices made up of “5 floors,” has the first floor (ego) as the foundation. If the 1st floor did not exist, then the rest wouldn’t be there. “I” and “mine” are observations that we can understand about ego and attachment, but if we look at it, we can see that there cannot be “mine” without the existence of “I”. The 5th floor (lust) is a combination of “I” and “mine” and that combination is quite visible (gross) and thus, easier to pinpoint.

If ego is out of our system, then automatically there is no “Maya”. “Maya” only exists because there is ego. If ego does not exist, there is no effort. The result will be what Baba calls our “original nature”, that is “Bapsaman”.

Thus, there is the understanding of Baba’s knowledge while not being able to distinguish ego in its full form. In that stage, It is “I” making effort to get rid of my current “I” (vices), It is “I” making effort to “conquer” Maya (another form of “I.”)

The beauty of remembrance is that it allows us to see a different picture because that “I” (ego) gets dissipated and allows us to be aware for a moment. Baba has mentioned that the “word” (it is an experience) “I” could bring us “up or down”. It is “I” the soul or “I” the body (ego). I feel it is quite important to realize that ego is not only related with the body but with sanskaras: roles, expectations, hopes, desires, etc.

There is only Drama when there is no ego. This is the experience in the Golden age. That is why Baba mentions that karma is “neutral”. Many times we just repeat “there is no give and take” but that does not mean anything unless we see something that we can recognize in ourselves, that is ego. Ego wants, desires, expects, needs, accumulates, keeps track of, gives and of course…takes. etc.

The journey to discover ego and its different shades is what I am finding out, is the essence of my journey. Body consciousness is not related with hiding the body, denying the body, etc. That is the gross understanding of it. Body consciousness is related with the understanding of ego and how ego uses the body as a way to identify its own existence.

While we have ego, we need to “make effort”.
Without ego, the movie (Drama) itself will take us to our destination, which is to be like the Father. There is no constant experience of soul consciousness because of that “ego”, which does not want to “die”, which wants to persist, to survive.

Ego-less first, therefore vice -less and then body- less… soul conscious. 🙂


  1. pmmcur

    Yes brother, we travel a lot … ! Just before opening the mail I had the experience of the fruit of churnings and actions of the past days. At the time of performing them the actions may seem difficult, after having performed them it was possible to be the detached observer and see the perfection of drama and the depth of the gifts we keep receiving. It is so beautiful. And again I felt gratitude for every one’s contributions to it. If one can be awake and alert (clean heart and intellect) on the more subtle level it is all gifts gifts gifts ………. :-))
    May all experience the beauty, today and “forever”


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