Point in depth: Sanskaras are Karma, and Karma is Drama

Note: For those not familiar with BK knowledge, there are 3 terms that need to be understood at the intellectual level and at the practical level as well. Sanskaras, karma and Drama.
In brief, sanskaras are our tendencies in life: likes and dislikes, ways of being, etc.
Karma are activities that we perform which have a consequence. It means: “action.”
The “Drama” is how life goes. Bill Gates dropped out of College, however; he made a software empire.
Bob Simpleton, dropped out of college and now he is flipping burgers at McDonald’s. What made the difference? Is intelligence/drive/luck something that we can alter at will or it is “fortune”? That is Drama.

1. The soul has sanskaras: Good and Bad
2. Karma is neutral, sinful or just actions. Then you have “elevated actions.”
3. The Drama is beneficial.
Are those 3 lines above familiar ? Yes, those lines belong to the Raja Yoga course 101; also known as the “7 day course.”
Let us go a bit into the depth of those 3 lines.
If in fact the Drama is beneficial, then no matter what activities are performed through having a sanskara (good or bad,) that activity will still be beneficial. No matter what kind of Karma is performed, there is benefit in that. Otherwise, if there is not benefit, then the Drama cannot be called beneficial. πŸ™‚
When we are learning the introduction to Raja Yoga, it is good to “separate” those 3 concepts:
The soul has sanskaras. We perform actions (Karma.) The Drama is predestined. Then, we can add some “morality” to those concepts : Good and Bad sanskaras, good and bad karma and “unfortunate/fortunate Drama,” in that way, we could strive to “shape up” and to be on the line of “good” and God.
The interesting point is that Sanskaras come already with the soul and they will play according to time. This is what the popular saying in BK circles refer to as: “The thought came in my mind…”
Please be aware of this. We are going deep here. This is not elementary Raja yoga.
We have been in the cycle of time going in “automatic pilot” for the last 4,900 years. Then, all of the sudden, we finally get this knowledge which tells us that we need to “elevate ourselves,” that is the call according to time.
As we were experiencing “entropy” or going “down the ladder,” the “bad sanskaras” entered on the “Unlimited stage.” Not all of the sudden, but increasing little by little. Is this good or bad? Is this sinful or blessed?
It is just necessary. Part of the play, the Drama. There is no need to add “morality” to something which is necessary and will repeat again. Please let us keep this point in mind, if you have been following this so far.
Now, we realize that we need to change, to transform. We hear: “transform your actions,” is it really “our actions” which need to be transformed? NO… That is a categorical NO.
We need to emerge Sanskaras according to time. Golden aged ones which are closer to the original qualities of the soul. (therefore, the fire of love towards Baba or transformation through gyan, love or a relationship as Baba mentioned in the Avyakt Murli from 7-8-12)
We cannot perform sinful actions unless we have sinful sanskaras as well. In other words, sinful sanskaras means, sinful actions (karma.) That Karma becomes the Drama of that individual or group of individuals. Note that I am using the word “sinful” for illustrative purposes only, not to add “morality” to it.
Therefore, Karma are really sanskaras. It is the same “flea just in a different dog.” When that flea jumps into several dogs in time, we call that “hobbie” as Drama.
Let us remember then the importance of a sanskara.
Our minds have been trained to just see 2 states: “On or off,” “good or bad, ” scientific or non-scientific.” That is a very limited view of something which is “unlimited;” Real life according to gyan.
A sanskara produces a thought which then manifests in the physical realm into an action. That action is not “individual” It is meshed together with other reactions and potential actions. Even in the Golden age, actions are neutral (no give and take as we usually say) but, there is degradation of that activity. In other words, little by little there will be give and take, just as a day changes into night. This is neither good nor bad. Just necessary. Part of the “3D-movie,” with surround sound and panoramic screen. πŸ™‚
Now, we can see how sanskaras are related with karma and Drama. They cannot be separated for it is the “seed” expanding into a fruit. The fruit is in the seed already.

One comment

  1. vishal

    how to make transform deep rooted sanskars(resolves).. I have the knowledge of the sanskar. how it affects and the opposite of it, positive virtue has benefits.. still unable to transform the strong resolve. for eg: Criminal Eye. body consciousness, attachment, attraction to opposite sex.


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