The sweetheart Ocean

When I feel the word beauty
The ocean comes to mind,
Is the tranquil rhythm soothing the soul
Sounds of moving stillness nurturing the heart
Along the unutterable reflection of a colorful sky

A peaceful, joyous feeling overwhelms my life
That indescribable beauty is caged in just a word
But it is the total freedom of an unmarried wife
What the spirit aims as the glory of a flying bird

If I could explain how beauty propels me
I would have to start with a simple heart beat
A touch from the heart which is sublime
As the ocean’s tide of lows and highs meet

A work of art unfolds with colors never seen before
The majesty of the ocean in a slow dance with the sky
As the birds sing to the stars the time to close the door
Breathing that stunner minute of life is perfection to die

A wave moves to say goodbye dear
The wind stops me from looking back
The sun sets with an intense cheer
As the sky walks away, turning black.

One comment

  1. M

    “…You’ve never been to the ocean? Then, you’d better run. You’re running out of time. In heaven that’s all they talk about. The ocean and the sunset. How wonderful it is, to watch that big ball of fire melt into the ocean – and the only light that is left like a candle it’s only inside…”
    (Knocking on heaven’s door- Finale)


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