Question: How to overcome loneliness in the spiritual path?

Good question! Thank you.
If you are following the “code of conduct” of a BK lifestyle and you are a single person who does not live in a center, sooner or later you will feel what is like to be alone.
To face loneliness is an interesting test that not too many souls have the ability to feel at ease with and the capacity to “overcome.”

If you want human company, all you need to do is to “follow.” You can follow anyone who has a group of people. It is very comfortable to follow. However, when you are “alone,” it is easier to “get eaten up by Maya.” Then, your mind will look for comfort, you will need for people around you, etc.

In my experience, there is no formula for loneliness. You just hope for the best and let the Drama offer the path for you, that is, to have enthusiasm and hope for the best. The Drama is beneficial. The Drama will change your “test,” “environment” when it is the time for you. Trust that and “don’t do a thing.” Let things flow by itself and recognize the change about to come, then; embrace it.

There is plenty of learning going when being by yourself. Of course, we always say: “You are not alone, it is Baba and you.” Easier to say specially by those who have plenty of people around them… 🙂
Of course, the Drama/Baba will be there and you will feel those “hands working magic,” but when you are alone, you can really perceive the self with greater accuracy and all the “tricks” happening to get out of that state of feeling alone. It is a good time to “learn” to be self fulfilled. To be complete.

This takes time, but If you survive, I guarantee you that you will not be looking for any external supports to take your spiritual life to a new heights. You will not depend on anyone or anybody to “survive.”

Here is when some of the popular Murli advises will not apply to you, such as: ” Be in the safety of the gathering; ” You will be there for service only, not to look for safety. Or, “be careful of the company around you,” It will not matter. No one can change you because you do not depend on their emotional support to be…. you.
Life will be your teacher, Baba and His teachings will become your best friend. The time of childhood and ” baby formulas” will be over at that point.

The Drama will show you “your next step,” and you will be able to take it without being afraid.
Everything has a prize and conquering loneliness is a very expensive one, but it is worth to go for it for it means FREEDOM.
Best wishes.


  1. pmmcur

    I agree with Avyakt7, but I remember a period in my life that I was too passive, waiting: so for drama ( I did not use that term then) showing me the next step I needed to act more. Just do something. Holidays: those on my own were far more interesting then when traveling with others. Someone wanted to accompany me once, in Italy, for a day, because of my experiences. It became the most uninteresting day of all, the fact that we were two blocked several opportunities! Recipe: I went out , met people and showed interest, that was necessary for it to happen. Those actually were somewhat meetings of souls because, we often did not even speak each others language. I had that in other countries too. And believe me; we had “conversations” old and young, couples and individuals. So: the need to act. By the way: I remember the loneliness being in a relationship …
    Several periods in my life I lived on my own, now also. Because of those I became my own best friend, I know I can rely on me. And if I have been “talking to myself” too much and no-one ever disagrees, I organize a walk etc. (most people love it when I take the initiative for that and if there are more people I don’t necessarily have to focus on one specific lokik friend, I can vary!) After that I am very content again, on my own, because no one can compete with Baba, the family (mp3’s of lectures from seniors, blogs .. ;-). And the next day early in the morning i meet that bunch of sanskar dancing-partners again …. I keep it this way!


    • avyakt7

      Good point, pmmcur. Let us say that I feel alone…Then I turn the TV on (rhymes) :=) we call that “escaping.” What is the difference between that and calling a friend?
      There is nothing wrong with calling a friend, the issue is when I feel alone, how do I deal with it. Do I escape and call it with a nice label?

      “doing something” is related with that in my view. When I “do nothing,” I do not escape from the moment…until the Drama changes it for me.
      “By doing nothing doing, you get things done…” 🙂


      • pmmcur

        I don’t know if you call “Drama” the inner process, maybe the moment when insight, the healing takes place ? In that case: when that has happened I can call the friend 🙂
        I merely reacted to the doing nothing, for me at that time it was the wrong thing to do … Wrong power applied 🙂
        But still, if the inner process did not take place, and you decide to act, Drama will give you what you need, won’t it?
        I am not playing games, just thinking


        • avyakt7

          “Drama will give you what you need, won’t it”
          That is right. So why “do something” in the first place?
          Sure, you “can do” as well if it is in your part. There is something about “Ego” doing things which does not agree with my stomach…:-)


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