Musing on “Following Shrimat” (Elevated directions)

Many times when we hear the words: “follow Shrimat,” we could find many “interpretations” and “ideas” about it.

Let me share a perspective.
Let us say that Baba mentions in the Murli: “Do not cry, even when your mother dies.” We say, “That is Shrimat. I must do it.”
What we do not realize is that we are getting the “final product” which should come “naturally” and not artificially by force, by denial.

How do I get here?
Obviously is not through self-denial and repression, but through understanding of my own stage, through having that honesty with God and myself and through keeping my heart clean. This is what takes time. Spirituality in understanding of the self. That differs from “denying the self.”

Pretending is a hard game to play. As a matter of fact, it is the surest way to leave this spiritual path.
If I pretended to follow Baba’s shrimat (elevated versions) of “No crying” so no one could see me shedding a tear; Was I honest enough so I did not feel anything inside?
If it was just a “show,” a performance to show the world and myself how “tough” I am, I will pay the price. My emotions will bottle up and a disease or some sort of emotional problem will arise. This is called the law of Karma. This is the price of being dishonest.

Naturally, I will be making a huge dis-service if I see a BK soul crying and I told him/her “Baba said you must not cry. She just left the body and is taking another. Follow shrimat.”
That is lack of understanding and acknowledgement of the particular, numberwise stage of that soul.
Lack of respect. Lack of tact.

Therefore, we can see that “Shrimat” is beyond the understanding of a written word or phrase.
Is the Shrimat of not “crying” greater than “being tactful”? Is the “Shrimat” of not crying greater than the one of “being honest with the Father”?
Perhaps this is something to consider.

“Not crying” is more than shedding tears of sorrow or anguish. The mind also cries in silence, when things do not happen as we expect it. That is crying as well in a subtle level.

The goal is to be able to be “unshakeable and immovable,” that comes with time and understanding. It does not come by putting up a “performance.”
There is the written word, the spoken word and the spirit of it. Let us see the “spirit,” the goal, the objective so we can understand the meaning.

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