Question: Om Shanti. I have a question on “Shrimat”. In various murli’s it is said that follow shrimat. Is shrimat published in a book form ? If I have joined BK in just a few months back, how will I see all the shrimat ?

Great question. 🙂 Thank you.

There is no book with “Shrimat,” because as the article mentioned “we need to see the spirit/aim of the directions rather than blindly follow what is being said/written.
That is the reason why we hear the Murli, for we need to hear the context, the circumstances and apply that according to our situation.

Religions are usually adept into having commandments for everything. A single line which “must be followed.”
In Christianity for instance, there is the commandment: “You shall not kill.” However, we can see wars in the name of God or defending the idea of God. Killing people for the sake of defending ideas. Same thing with animals. Is that Ok to kill them to eat them? Even if they feel suffering like us? Even if they want to live as much as us? Even if there is no need to kill them to survive?
then, ideas such as “God has created us to be the kings of creation and all nature is for our service” or ” the sacred scriptures say that it is ok to eat some animals.”
My question then is: is there any book to mention all the exceptions of killing? Is life supposed to be lived with rules and regulations? We should have been born with a booklet under our right arm, like a manual with instructions on how to behave. But that is not the case. Life is not a box. It is dynamic.

The beauty of the Murli is that it will give you advise for particular situations which you will recognize as Shrimat. Let me give you one example:
At one time in my BK career, I decided that I wanted to hear the Murli over the phone and forget about going to Murli class, because of some XYZ issue. Then, Baba mentioned something like “Sanyassis run away from their family. That is cowardice.” I took that as “shrimat” for me because it was related with the issues that I was going through at the time. It came right to me. I heard it. Others in the class may have not even paid attention, but i did and it pierced me. That is what we call the “magic of the Murli.”

There are other souls who listen to the Murli via the telephone according to their circumstances. I can go to the center, they cannot. Therefore to say:”Baba says that you are running away from the family like a Sanyassi because you are not coming to hear the Murli” is just a gross misinterpretation of Shrimat. See? 🙂

This is why we hear the Murli everyday. There is some sort of personal advice which will be just for us according to our circumstances. That cannot be put in dead letters for everyone to “follow” in a booklet. Shrimat matches our life circumstances.

Best wishes!

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