Reader comment on article: “Musing on following Shrimat”

Om Shanti.
Upon reading this great perspective, two thing that stood out immediately in the below statement were:

Naturally, I will be making a huge dis-service if I see a BK soul crying and I told him/her “Baba said you must not cry. She just left the body and is taking another. Follow shrimat.”
That is lack of understanding and acknowledgement of the particular, numberwise stage of that soul.
Lack of respect. Lack of tact.

1. To be in line with the acting position and playing different roles, it is best to say the soul playing the BK role. This will separate the soul from the role.
2. Oh, but the one saying it with lack of tact, is also in his/her limited consciousness and thus numberwise and dis-service is part of that soul’s role. In your own words:
“See, that to be detached from a “role,” is to be a “detached observer.” It does not matter if the role is “good” or “bad.” It is simply a role.
And it being simply a role implies that even the one doing the dis-service is in the play, and I need to remain detached both from the cryer and the corrector, so, I can do the real service, being in the NOW and in a true detached observer mode.”

Response by Avyakt7:
Let us get a bit “technical.” 😉
1) it is best to say the soul playing the BK role. This will separate the soul from the role.
It has been mentioned as well that this Drama is ONE. How can we perceive separation? There is a role being played through a soul. There is a BK role playing through a soul. 🙂
2) The “perception” of “dis-service” is just that, a perception of reality. It is another role being played, which “hurts” souls. That is the “bottom line.”

After the “mental logical game” is over, we have the head playing with words, reason and logic…..and we have the heart which does not care a bit about the former, the one that suffers.(yes, we know it is the soul…)
Therefore, if the heart feels pain, is because the head is not connected with the heart. Another painful “performance,” which reason and logic cannot help.

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