Reader remarks on: Question on following Shrimat by a new BK

The original question and answer could be found here:

Reader’s remarks in boldface type.
Thanks for sharing your experience.

The person here is asking for clarity. There may be or may not be a book.

However, a compilation of important guidelines that Bapdada has given would
help a newcomer to be “Last so Fast.

The person is interested to know about Shrimat and would it not be appropriate when somebody asks for something, then we need to share those compilation of important shrimat.

In such cases, we need to be to the point in answering.

The main Shrimat:
To remember the Father Alone is the Shrimat. that is to be soul conscious and God conscious. And not to remember the bodily beings. One Father and None Other. None but One.

All other shrimat is to attain this above goal.

the 4 pillars of rajyoga are the basic Shrimat,
Daily spiritual class (Satsang),
Inculcation of Divine Values,
Pure Food,
Celibacy (Brahmacharya)

Also, the 4 arm of Vishnu (Aim Object) tells us:
that we need to Study Daily,
Practise Yoga daily,
Inculcate Divine Virtues Daily
Do Godly Service Daily.
this is also Shrimath.

(Because only when we have these 4 Alankars (Decoration), that
Ahankar (Ego/body conciousness) will disappear)

And also for Brahmin lifestyle, Bapdada has given us the timetable to follow.

Yes, while following the above, one needs to do it according
to the person, the person’s stage, ability, situation, time.
After all, all are not equal, it is a numberwise family.

One important Shrimat, not to leave Bapdada’s Hand come
what may! Bapdada says that He does not leave the children’s
hand, it is the children who leave Bapdada’s hand.
Always Hold Bapdada’s hand and to hold means to follow the Shrimat.

Another Shrimat, is that the Fire of Yoga should always be lit,
just as when a yagya is made, they ensure that the fire is always lit,
So also we need to maintain some connection with the Supreme.

How to maintain such a connection with Supreme?
By remembering the points of knowledge, murli.
By Sharing the points of knowledge.
By Seeing others specialities, By seeing one’s own speciality.
By Churning the points of knowledge.
By writing the points of knowledge.
By Reading the points of knowledge.
By keeping in touch with the centre.
By doing some service either subtle or physical.
By remembering the past memorable experiences with Bapdada.
By remembering Madhuban.
By practising meditation on virtues – peace, love, happiness etc.
By remembering Baba in different relationship.
And so on.
In one way or the other always maintain some link with the Supreme.

Some say, i am far away from the centre and I dont get everyday murli.
Then read any murli. Sakar murli or Avyakt murli. And later on read the murlis
that are regularly coming to centre.

If you have any doubt then ask yourself, What did Brahma Baba do?
or If Brahma Baba were in my place what would he have done?

If we are unclear to what to follow and what not to follow,
then Bapdada’s Shrimat is accept the decision of the instrument sister
and if we follow that, then Bapdada is responsible, the burden will not come on

One important Baba’s Mahavakya (which contains both His direction and
His Promise,i.e, God’s Promise to us)
“Dear Children,
Take one step of Courage towards me,
Then I will take thousand steps of Help towards you”

Baba says to follow His directions, His Shrimat
take the step with courage and then He will be there to
Help for every step of courage taken.

No Courage, No Help.

Answer by Avyakt7:

Thank you for your remarks. I see that you feel that you are “giving to the student what he wants” by writing quotes from BapDada along with some other advice on “How to” do something.
That is not the approach that i like to take when answering questions, because it is not about me writing stuff to be repeated which is already out there, but for the new student to be encouraged to experience and find out for himself.

He wants to see written Shrimat someplace and you offer him what he wants to see. I advice him: experience it by listening to the Murli yourself. 🙂
There is no Sakar murli which does not mention the “remember me alone and forget everyone else.” If this student is “last and therefore go fast,” he will realize that himself. He already came equipped with the intellect to do so, according to the Drama. The proof is in the quality of questions being asked by newcomers at this time.

All what you have written is good but it has to be experiential not a mechanical repetition of some instructions/directions. It is a process of understanding (“unlocking the intellect”) which comes by listening to the Murli day by day. That is what the article written was about and what I believe in through my own experience in gyan. It is about self discovery.

Best wishes.


  1. Danabhen

    With all respect to your pedagogic skills I do not think the reader who reacted gave mechanical instructions or repetitions. I found this advice not mechanical but like advice shared by a fellow student.


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