Comments on Sakar Murli 7-19-12

Essence: Sweet children, in order to be liberated from the chains of Ravan for 21 births, follow the Father’s shrimat. The Father comes to liberate you from all sorrow.

Question: Which destination is the highest and most difficult and requires effort over a long period of time?
Answer: Only the one Father should be remembered in the final moments; no one else should be remembered. This is the highest and most difficult destination. If anyone else is remembered, you have to take birth in this world. Therefore, let there be the practice of remembrance of Shiv Baba over a long period of time.

Question: Why does the stage of some children fluctuate as they move along?
Answer: Because they do not have firm faith. When faith is lacking, their stage goes up and down like mercury and fluctuates. Sometimes there is a great deal of happiness and sometimes happiness is reduced.

Song: The Innocent Lord is unique…

Essence for dharna:

1. According to the shrimat of the Father, do the service of liberating everyone from the chains of Ravan and of giving them the inheritance of liberation-in-life.

2. Only listen to the one Father. Forget anything else that you have heard. This destination is the highest. Therefore, caution one another and remind each other of the Father, and make progress in this way.

Blessing: May you be a world transformer who becomes constantly free from obstacles and who also makes others free with your stage of double intoxication.

“A child and a master.” Become stable in the stage of a master whenever you want and the stage of a child whenever you want. This double intoxication will make you constantly free from obstacles. The title of such souls is a destroyer of obstacles. However, you are not a destroyer of obstacles just for yourself, but you are a destroyer of obstacles for the whole world. You are a world transformer. Obstacles automatically become weak in front of those who remain powerful themselves.

Slogan: Remain stable in your form of double light and all burdens will finish.


This Murli is emphasizing remembrance of the father as the main theme.

Our mind is unable to fully remember the Father and the self. The mind drifts to remember human beings and activities. Why?

Simple answer: karmic accounts. There has to be some attraction for someone/something to be remembered. Paradoxically, it is remembrance what will “cut our sins away.”

How can we “cut our sins away” if we are unable to stabilize the mind? It is a process of living. Yoga is great to “cut those sins away” but when it is not possible to do it, we have gyan advising us about karmic accounts and suffering of that experience, which comes as another way of ‘cutting our sins away,’ by “paying the bill.” 😉

The important item to remember is remembrance. To practice it, to enjoy it, to experience it.

Baba also mentioned about the “Drama being predestined and nothing could change.” This theme goes along the latest threads of this blog. As mentioned before, “predestination” is not the right word to use, but at the same time, there is no other word in English which describes what is happening. That is why, as a BKs, we need to spiritually go by our experiences rather than by concepts. A concept will give us light as to how things work, but an experience will change us in our perspective of life. Gyan allow us to have an accurate perspective but gyan needs to be imbibed to be experiential. This is what takes time.

In this Murli Baba mentioned:” Others do not experience neither paradise nor that this is hell.” That is an experience. Therefore, to say the “truth” is that this world is “hell,” becomes just an opinion based on someone’s experience.

Now is the time to understand that a soul who experiences “hell” must experience “heaven.” Therefore, if we say, we BKs are the only ones who experience heaven; is an opinion a “half-truth.”

We cannot pretend that non-BK souls will only experience hell and not heaven.

“Those souls do not even know that they are in hell.” This is just an opinion. For those souls have a different experience. This point is very important to understand, so we could take away our pretentious talk of “we are the only ones.” See that it is relative. BK heaven is the Golden age. For a non-BK soul, it has to be at another time, which is his first birth.

This is why, to understand gyan is not as simple as understanding “black or white” truths. It is deeper and gyan always, always….one more time, always embraces every soul for the Drama is beneficial for all… Not just BKs.

I loved the blessing being a master and a child is the “spiritual duality” which brings balance and beauty in our lives to become “double light.”

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