Question: In this blog, there’s much of information about gyan, but very less about yoga or remembrance. Though, I feel the essence of Brahmin life is remembrance of One. This would gives us the power and experience to inculcate and understand gyan more deeply. So, could you really throw some light on the stages of yoga and what precautions/ suggestions one should take in a whole day, so that when we sit for yoga, we could easily fly off to Baba and experience our original state, because many a times I have realized that our one hour of sitting yoga goes in processing the situation/things/issues we had in our previous day and its very rare to experience the stage of becoming a dot.

Thank you for your question. 🙂

As you can see this blog’s title is “Exploring the depth of Brahma Kumaris gyan.” That is probably why, you will read more things about gyan than yoga.
Yoga is a personal experience. I can share my experiences with yoga, and I had many worthwhile to recall.
I would like to invite you to read this post for additional experiences and also it is an avyakt Murli where Baba specifically tells us what to do. So, there goes your answer.. and if you want to know “my way” (which is always changing by the way – March 2012.) Here is another article.

I invite you to use the search feature underneath the “comments” in the blog for additional sharing on yoga and/or the archives on this blog.

To describe an experience would be like describing how a plate of spaghetti tastes by using just words and thinking that this description will make someone to experience what we had.

Here is my 20 cents worth of advice: Don’t worry about “stages” of yoga. Don’t worry about experiencing a particular thing. Just go at it with love and observe the self and feel the self. Use gyan to know the “how to.” You are a soul, God is a soul, souls communicate through feelings. Love is the greatest feeling of all. Feel it. In that depth there is “fire,” through that, “new” sanskaras emerge.

Change will happen as long as you maintain your BK code of conduct in an honest way. That is the work.
Make the time for experimenting with yoga. Find your own way, what works for you.

You see “gyan” is meant so we can improve our yoga experience. Our code of conduct allow us to be sensitive to spiritual energies. It is a package. Everything goes together rather than separating things.

In my experience the connection with Baba is meant so we can discover the self, free the self. That “communion” with God will show you your own potential.

Best wishes.

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