Comments on Sakar Murli 7-23-12

Essence: Sweet children, Shiv Baba’s number one shrimat is: Awaken in the early morning hours and remember Me,
the Father; then your boat will go across.

Question: What are the signs of generous-hearted children?

Answer: They continue to benefit others. They have an interest in making donations. Only those who donate at this
time accumulate charity. 2. Generous-hearted children are generous like Baba, the Innocent Lord. They give their
bones to this sacrificial fire like Dadichi Rishi.

Song: Who has come with ankle bells to the door of my mind?

Essence for dharna:

1. Have true love for the one Father. Remove your intellect’s yoga from the iron-aged, impure relationships.
Have unlimited disinterest in this old world.

2. We are the luckiest children in the world, the ones who claim the inheritance from the Father. Remain in this
intoxication and become generous hearted.

Blessing: May you be a most elevated server and give a glimpse of your most elevated awareness and stage while
performing ordinary action.

Just as a real diamond will show its sparkle even when it is hidden in the mud, in the same way, your life is like a diamond.
No matter what the atmosphere is like, no matter what the gathering is, your sparkle, that is, your glimpse and your spiritual
intoxication should be visible to everyone. You may be doing ordinary work but your awareness and stage should be so
elevated that, when others see you, they experience you not to be an ordinary being, but that, while being a server, you are most elevated.

Slogan: A true Raj Rishi is one who doesn’t have the slightest attachment to anyone even in his thoughts.


This Murli has some points of gyan to remember.

1) Our parts are "fixed" in the Drama, there is no possibility for change. What we perceive is part of that role; therefore at this time, to be able to detach from the role is what is known as "detached observer." I can observe the movie playing but I shouldn’t get affected by it.

2) Souls make effort according to capacity: This is another consequence of the Drama being "fixed." Roles are playing, the issue is when we believe that we are those roles. Ego comes up. The capacity of a soul is the ability to withstand duality. Higher capacity means that a soul is able to experience and express greater happiness as well as greater sorrow. Thus, if a soul has higher capacity at this time, his efforts will be higher, for a higher capacity means a higher "status" in the Golden age (day 1, year 1.)

3) Baba mentioned that "no one is as fortunate and sweet as we are." Looking at the unlimited, we could see that no one experiences and expresses such a longer time of "happiness" as we do. The other side of the coin, being that no one experiences as much sorrow as we do, as well… 🙂 You got to have both ways!

4) The importance of remembrance in the early hours (Amrit Vela) is very important for any BK looking into experiencing the Golden age. No shortcuts.
The blessing mentions to keep an elevated stage even while performing ordinary actions, this is a great way of "doing service."

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