Comments on Sakar Murli 7-25-12

Essence: Sweet children, forget the consciousness of that body and make effort to be bodiless because you now have to return home.

Question: What words can only you theist children speak?
Answer: God is our Father. Only you theist children can say this, because only you have Baba’s introduction.
Atheists do not know Him. Only theist children say: I belong to one Baba and none other.

Question: What should your stage be in order to become a fast effort-maker?
Answer: That of a detached observer. Be a detached observer; continue to make effort while seeing each one’s part with detachment.

Song: To live in Your lane and to die in Your lane.

Essence for dharna:
1. Forget the body and bodily relations and become complete beggars. Let there be the awareness: Nothing is mine.
Make effort to remain soul conscious. Don’t be trapped in the name and form of anyone.

2. Don’t stop making effort thinking that you will make effort if it is in the drama.
Become detached and see the effort of others and make intense effort yourself.

Blessing: May you be carefree and double-light and go up and down the ladder of being a child and a master.

Always have the awareness that, together with being a master, you are also a child; that together with being a child,
you are also a master. By being a child you remain constantly carefree and double light, and, by experiencing yourself to be
a master, you will have the spiritual intoxication of being a master. At the time of giving advice, be a master and when things
are finalised by the majority, become a child. To be a child and a master is also a ladder. Sometimes go up the ladder and
sometimes come down. Sometimes become a child and sometimes become a master and there will then not be any burdens.

Slogan: Those who consider themselves to be the being (purush – soul) and enable the chariot (the body) to do everything are true effort-makers – (pursharthi).


This Murli has as a main point to practice being a “detached observer.”
It is not only about observing the parts of others, but most important in my experience, to watch the part of the self.
In my experience settling karmic accounts and having yoga, practicing the “body-less stage” (through traffic control) will give us the “space” to see the “movie show.” Without that “space” we will feel as things are happening to us and we will react.

Thus, this practice is not a plain: “from now on I will be a detached observer” but more than that, there is a background practice in it, so this stage becomes “natural.” Why is this “natural” state important? Because “tests” happen all of the sudden and if something is “natural” we will be able to act in that way without thinking. Then, we will pass with “honors.”
Also this Murli advises us into “not feeling attraction to any bodily being.” Nice advice, which we could only understand if we have felt that attraction. That experience should be enough to make us see the consequences of that.

Let us not confuse “attraction” with “love.” However, if we are still feeling attracted to others, we are not ready to know love yet. “Real love.”
Thus, it is not a matter of “rejection” of others to be “safe,” but it is a school, a learning experience as long as we stay under the “canopy of protection.”

I liked the blessing very much. The opposites which are complementary, the master and the child. Both need to be played in our life, going up and down the ladder of experiences of being a master and a child is to know the sense of balance in our life. A child is “care free” and “double light” a master remains “spiritually intoxicated” on that state.

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