Question: When someone close, avoids you or ignores you or rejects your presence, why do we feel uncomfortable? Does that mean that our self-esteem or worth of self is based on how others treat us? Or do we see ourselves dependent on other energies? How to over-come this dependency and raise our self-esteem?

Great question! Thank you.

Self-esteem is a word with many meanings. In Baba’s vocabulary it is based on the knowledge that we are complete beings and in the case of BK souls, that we are “ancestor souls.”
Whenever there is attachment we tend to over value someone’s opinion or attitude. Attachment to what?
Attachment to what I feel I am (role.) Attachment to the idea that I should be treated in a particular way, attachment that “I must be acknowledged.” All of those attachments are pointing to our mind-set of who we think we are. The problem is that we have not felt what is like to be a “detached observer” or as Baba has mentioned, to feel “body-less.”

Without those experiences on a regular basis, we still will be pulled by our “old ways of thinking and feeling” because we have not experienced anything to proof otherwise. That is why, even though we have gyan, knowledge of what Baba has told us, we cannot process that for lack of experience. We can say that we trust and have faith in what Baba says, but that is just at the “word and mouth” level. Too much talk without the walk.

In short: We need to experience to be “body=less.” We need to experience the soul in yoga. We need to feel that inner completeness and then automatically “self-esteem” will be there without using that word. That experience needs to be “constant” for otherwise, we forget and we get pulled again to our old patterns.
Such is the behavior of the “Maya addicts.” 🙂

Best wishes!


  1. D

    Yes, this happens in BK circle. Bks who used to greet & talk all of a sudden don’t acknowledge you. If ones self respect/self esteem is low, one tends to think – what have I done? It is not what I have done or not done. It is that soul who ignores me (ignorant soul) who does not know how to manage his/ her emotions in front of me. Many situations can make the ignorant soul change its interaction towards me. Here are few of the followings:
    a. the ignorant soul may be jealous of me. when sees me cannot deal with her/his emotions and thus ignores me. there is a lot of comparison & competition among BKs! Sad to say
    b. the ignorant soul has been poisoned by Parmat due to lack of Power to Discern listens to Parmat & becomes unfriendly towards me
    c. the ignorant soul was bad mouthing/gossiping about me & when sees me unable to face me because his/her conscious is biting her/him & thus cannot see me in the eye so avoids me
    d. it is also a settling of a karmic account between the ignorant soul & i
    When this happens what I say these days is this: That soul is also a pure conscient being…just like me it is playing its ‘role’.


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