Comments on Sakar Murli 7-27-12

Essence: Sweet children, your true pilgrimage places are the land of peace and the land of happiness. The spiritual Guide
has come to take you on a true pilgrimage. Remember your home and the kingdom.

Question: Which effort of yours does only the Father know about? Which method has the Father shown
you in order to free you from that effort?
Answer: The Father knows that you children have wandered around from door to door and stumbled a
great deal for half the cycle on the path of devotion. Even after a lot of effort, there was only temporary
attainment. You became completely trapped in the jungle. Vices in the form of dacoits (armed robbers)
looted you. The Father now tells you the way to become free from that effort: Children, simply remember
Me. Have a real engagement with only Me. Only in this unlimited engagement is there pleasure.
In order to be saved from this great dacoit of body consciousness, consider yourself to be a soul, detached from the body.

Song: Salutations to Shiva.

Essence for dharna:

l. Always keep your intellect full of knowledge. Instead of asking for blessings or mercy from the Father,
pay full attention to the study and have mercy on yourself.

2. Serve unhappy ones to make them into the masters of the land of happiness. Become so worthy and
serviceable that even the Father surrenders Himself to you.

Blessing: May you have faith in the intellect and become a victorious jewel by making an accurate
judgment through your carefree stage.

The easy way to become constantly victorious is to have one strength and one faith. When you have
faith in the One, you receive strength. Faith makes you constantly carefree and those who have a
carefree stage are successful in every task because, when you remain carefree your intellect is able
to make an accurate judgment. So, the basis of making accurate decisions is to have faith in the
intellect and to be carefree. There is even no need to think because you have to follow the Father
and place your footsteps in His steps and move along according to the shrimat that you receive.
Simply continue to place your footsteps in the steps of shrimat and you will become a victorious jewel.

Slogan: To have benevolent feelings for everyone in your mind is to be a world benefactor.


This Murli mentions that we were lost searching for God, searching for something in life but we could only obtain things temporarily. This was a path of obstacles to get to someplace just to move again.

Baba mentions that we can have an easy attainment through the “true” pilgrimage of remembrance.

The point is to remember God and to remember the Kingdom. To get the intellect engaged in things which will not bring suffering.

Note that Baba has emphasized in the Avyakt Murlis a type of remembrance based on the experience of the “point.” To be stable in the point form first, because this stage brings easy changes in us.

I bring this up, because we can see that there are different stages of remembrance and different types of it. In Sakar Murlis, Baba usually emphasizes “relationships” with God, whereas in the Avyakt Murlis, the emphasis is on drills and the point form as well as the avyakt stage; thus, we need to be able to recognize our stage according to time. Are we still “new” in gyan? Or perhaps, we had some experiences already and can see the benefit of all of those forms of remembrance.

The blessing goes along the idea of an “easy attainment’ by remaining a care free child. At that stage, there is no even need to think, but the intellect already is in tune with the Drama and could just follow what is next. Baba calls that to “follow the steps of Shrimat” for Shrimat is to follow the path to the Golden age, which is to go with the Drama when we have gyan.

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