Comments on Avyakt Murli 7-29-12

Avyakt Murli 7-29-12
How world transformation can take place through spiritual power (2-9-75)


I am noticing that these avyakts Murlis from 1975 come full of “jewels of knowledge” which could be understood if we have experience them in a “practical way.”
Today’s Murli started with the question of: Am I a master almighty authority? Am I one who rules all sense organs and the body?
This is not a question of just being a child of God. Now, it is a notch higher. Because God is the Master almighty authority, so his children. However, this is not a question of “automatic” inheritance. Baba mentioned that the inheritance of a master of the self are the powers.

I liked this, because it is not a matter of a Golden castle in the Golden age when everything gets destroyed even our bodies… 😉 The inheritance is now and we better receive it now.

Baba mentioned that “victory” is the trademark of a master of the self. That is constant victory. For that, we need to have faith in the knowledge of who we are and based on that knowledge, we can wake up our awareness. Being aware of the Brahmin role at every moment becomes the challenge, for this awareness is the path to victory, which is the destination.

Baba also emphasized the imporatnce of experiencing knowledge. Gyan is not something theoretical. We must experienced so when we talk we speak out of that experience. Moreover, BapDada mentioned that “currently we have more love to Baba than his task or the knowledge that He is giving us.” Once we see the importance of His task and knowledge, love will naturally follow.

The other mini Murli was self explanatory. To maintain constant pure feelings and good wishes to all even to those who defame us, with a merciful attitude is a sign of greatness. Our stage should remain constant at any time and under any circumstance which life may bring.

The blessing of the nourishment of happiness is important to understand because by giving happiness , our “stock ” of happiness will grow. Giving is receiving.

Finally the slogan, gave us the key for a constant stage. That is through concentration ( in the awareness of our Brahmin role.)

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