Question: Are there any criterias to differentiate between people of divine age & people of hell in present scenario? I mean how to recognize one particular fellow is of divine age & other is of hell? so that we ‘ll be able to avoid ‘KUSANG’.

Great question. Thank you!
I gather that “Kusang” means “bad association.”

When you are knowledge-full, there is no such a thing as “bad association.” You will be able to feel that another soul is not in the same “wave length” as yours. That is all. If association is necessary because of a work related situation of any other situation, then you will not be influenced and it is a good time to practice what Baba has spoken in today’s avyakt Murli (7-29-12- stability of pure feelings and good wishes for all) Therefore, there is always benefit! 🙂

If you feel that you just started this path and feel like a “new BK,” you may need to be in greater relationship with “mature” BKs. (Not necessarily that have been in gyan for many, many years..but mature.) and start practicing right away with your yoga so you can have experiences which will sustain you.

I do not like to divide people into “divine and devilish.” It is a mixture. A “melting pot.”
You never know. We are always changing. It is fair to give everyone the opportunity to change. It is their right as well.

In short: Watch the self. Nourish the self and share that spirituality which you have gained with others, “naturally;” that means; without “preaching,” trying to “convert” or “teaching them anything.” Being a spiritual individual has its own teaching which will be seen by those who are ready….

Best wishes!

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