Question: i want to get your advice or views on how should be our way of reaction or attitude towards bad people/people with negativity….? That means gossip around talk bad things waste time on talking and thinking bad About others…dont know how to respect people n be a barrier in service?.

Thank your for your question.

BapDada has given the answer to this in the last avyakt Murli (7-29-12.) Constant pure feelings and good wishes. This is not as simple as it sounds for we need to get out of our “old pattern” of negativity, of looking for someone to blame things on.

As your feelings, then your activities will be. People will show you what you are. They are mirrors. Even though you can see such behavior, “see but don’t see.” It is important not to react. What is important is to feel those good wishes and to have the merciful stage which BapDada talks about. Do what you will, it would be what is “right” as long as your feelings are “right.”

Best wishes.

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