The more educated someone is, the least that person will be open to a different knowledge

Why is that? 🙂

“Education” many times is used as a way to understand the world. The more “educated” some one is, that means that this person has invested a large amount of time and resources to follow a particular tradition.
“Education” means to maintain our learned standards as “truth.” Many times, we are taught that “true” education will allow someone to think “on his own.” However, that cannot be “true” for the reference always points back to what is already known, what is safe.

In other words, I cannot defy the “law of gravity,” therefore; ghosts shouldn’t exist. To believe in the existence of ghosts is to defy the law of gravity as a “law” which applies to everything.
With this, I am a victim of my own close-mindness.

People being cured miraculously through a different kind of knowledge, which is not “scientific” is another example.
Our “beloved” science has no explanation for those “facts.”
Most of us probably know Dr. Wayne Dyer. He is a well-known writer of “self-help books” worldwide.
He has experienced some type of “surgery” which is not typical. Thanks to him then, “entity surgery” (ghosts) may become popular.

See this and then, this.

Likewise, something similar happen with this spiritual knowledge known as gyan. Many are not concerned with it because they can only see their existence in this life as all there is. To have an “unlimited” vision of time is not for everyone. Through gyan we have the tools to understand the “game of life.”

This knowledge does not sell “widgets” thus, our society does not see its benefit. Besides science “demonstrates” that anything but what they say is not real, in fact; is an hallucination.

Therefore, if you do not want to be called “crazy,” better stick with the “rat lab” and the theories and the Ph.Ds and their books, CDs and their obscure language.

Don’t show them this, because even though it exists and it works…it is not “real” for them…:-)

Gyan, on the other hand; defies everything we have known before.
Someone without education cannot have a pattern of beliefs to go to for reference of “reality.”
That is why usually a person without education will have an advantage on this. That person usually goes by experience alone, which is a meaningful way to relate with hos own reality rather than by intellectual understanding of concepts, which is deceiving; for it will not bring any satisfaction to the soul.

The “drawback” of not having education is that we will not be able to explain this gyan to someone who has that educational background in a way that “makes sense” to them.

Not everyone is bi-lingual, in this sense; but everyone could respect each other perspective rather than labeling something which they are incapable of understanding as “false.”
Gyan as we know it from the Sakar Murli, is not conveyed with the sanskaras of “worldly education.” It is conveyed with the sanskaras of someone with life experiences.

The greatest authority, is the authority of experience.

Ask Dr. Wayne Dyer… and beg him to put his “experience” with “John of God” (watch videos above) in scientific terms… Good luck! 🙂


  1. S.Prophet

    No offence, but for a post about intelligence in which you try to rationalise an assertion that education is an intellectual trap, you kind of undermine your efforts with a title that is grammatically incorrect.

    Further, you demonstrate a noticeable lack of experience in the company of educated people. The more somebody understands about the world the bigger their questions become. Ignorance has no appreciate of what is unknown, it takes somebody who can define intellectual boundaries to identify the limits of his/her own knowledge.

    Finally, ghosts and gravity have no scientific relation at all. There is absolutely no connection between the two topics. Using this as an example simply demonstrates your lack of scientific understanding, which is, again, embarrassing for an attempted “intellectual” post.


    • avyakt7

      Thank you for your reply. The aim here is not to produce a grammatically perfect article.
      The point is to understand how limiting an intellectual life could be. Science and its rationality is taking us, humans far away from our natural state which is to be in communion with Nature and to perceive the magic of the world around us not intellectually but by using our sensibility. In my view it is a shame that education means for all practical purposes,“acquiring information.”
      I’d like for you to consider your note: “The more somebody understands about the world the bigger their questions become.”
      I would say the opposite. The more one understands the world, their questions will diminish. Knowing is not about having questions. Knowing is about “living” the answers for those questions.
      I do not expect that you will understand what I am saying just as I will not expect that you will understand the point between gravity as a law which applies to all living beings (perhaps living is a term which science needs to re-consider) and the “fact” that paranormal phenomena has been experienced by many.
      Those “laws” do not apply to them. That was the point.


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