Comments on Sakar Murli 8-1-12

Essence: Sweet children, repeatedly practise becoming soul conscious: I am a soul. I shed a body and take another.
I now have to return home.

Question: Which festival is the main one and why?
Answer: The main festival is Raksha Bandhan because when the Father ties the bond of purity, Bharat becomes
heaven. At the time of Raksha Bandhan, you children can explain to everyone when the celebration of this festival
began and why. There is no need for this bond in the golden age. They say that the festival of Raksha Bandhan
has existed since the beginning of time.

Song: Salutations to Jagadamba.

Essence for dharna:

1. While speaking with authority, let there also be respect. Show everyone the way to change from impure to pure.

2. Stay in unadulterated remembrance. Don’t remember the name or form of any bodily being. Promise the Father
that you will become pure.

Blessing: May you be a most elevated and special soul who imbibes the greatness of purity and who constantly
performs pure actions.

When ordinary souls imbibe purity, they are called great souls. Purity is the greatness and purity is worthy to be
worshipped. It is the purity of Brahmins that is praised. Whenever any auspicious task is to take place, it is carried
out by (worldly) brahmins. There are many who are brahmins in name, but only you special souls do such work
as per your name. You also perform ordinary actions in remembrance of the Father and they thereby become
special and this is why those who perform such special actions become the most elevated and special souls.

Slogan: To give all souls the experience of happiness through the self is to become a master bestower of happiness.


This Murli emphasizes the festival of “raksha bandhan.” To "make a promise to God and to keep that promise."

The promise is “purity.” In Sakar days, that meant celibacy. Nowadays it means more than that. As the blessing mentions, it means to perform pure actions by imbibing purity.

Purity means soul consciousness in a nutshell. That is to be able to see "reality" as it is. That is to experience who we are.

Baba also mentioned in this Murli about the recognition of the soul separated from the body.

Let us remember the paradox that even though they could be recognized as separated, they work in unity, they are together; from a BK perspective; most of the “time.” That is why it is hard for us to make that disconnection of “being bodiless.” That is why BapDada has asked us to connect with the “body of light.” (since we like the"body" so much…)

This Murli also mentioned the importance of remembrance to “go up” the ladder. “God is inspiring us to go up.” (Drama? :- ) )

I liked the slogan as well. Happiness comes through our own experience of it. That is how it is possible to share it with others.

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