Is about me or about you?

When we decide to become “good” and call ourselves “spiritual” we start our study by realizing that there are 2 individuals: “Me” and “you.”
In that realization we come up with rules, guidelines and traffic laws to respect each other, to acknowledge each other with hope that we may have a healthy relationship. However, the division has been made: There is “you” and there is “me.” Let us compromise so we can live together. That is spirituality 101.

As we “grow” we realize that every person acts as a mirror. Therefore, it is “me” surrounded by many mirrors. I am only able to recognize something as “good” or “bad” in others, because I have experienced that same trait in myself. As long as I am thinking ” she shouldn’t do that” we are still in the “you” and “me” syndrome of neat laws and magical compromises; but when all I see is myself being reflected by others, then the realization is obvious.
Why do I react? Did I feel insulted? Did I feel proud? All reactions which have the ability to make me feel “good” or “bad.”

At this point, we can see that “giving respect to others” is in the realm of Spirituality 101.
It is all about Self-respect and not being manipulated like a puppet by pride and defamation; the forces of duality. This is spirituality 201. All that exists is “me” and my own mirrors.

Then comes Spirituality 301, when we realize that “me” is an illusion. It is not longer “me” and my mirrors, but “us.” We are all together in this. That togetherness is just separated by my illusion of “me” being distinct and different from anyone else. We are the same but with different roles to play. 🙂

“Me” brings fear. “Me” brings ego. “You” is another ego booster. Between 2 egos, only war can happen.

When finally “me” is gone, there is peace. There is no one to fight. 🙂
Perhaps we can accomplish that without “killing” ourselves…

It takes an “angel” to understand the “devil.”

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