Comments on Sakar Murli 8-7-12

Essence: Sweet children, the religion and action of you Brahmins of the confluence age is to drink the nectar of
knowledge and also to give it to others to drink. You do the service of changing residents of hell into residents of heaven.

Question: Of which deep philosophy of karma have you Brahmins been given knowledge?
Answer: If, after belonging to the Father, you ever perform a sinful act through your senses, there will be one
hundred-fold punishment for each sin committed. You Brahmins have this knowledge and this is why you cannot
perform any sinful actions. The aim of you Brahmins is to become full of all virtues. Therefore, you have to
make effort to remove your defects.

Song: No one is unique like the Innocent Lord.

Essence for dharna:

1. Pay attention that your register is not spoilt. Obey the Father’s orders and become soul conscious.
Don’t make any mistakes through your physical senses.
2. In order to become full of all virtues, don’t perform any sinful act, through your physical senses,
which would make you accumulate sin. You have to settle all your old karmic accounts.

Blessing: May you have a pure attitude with your mind full of power and thereby sustain everyone
through your awareness of being an ancestor.

Whenever you see or meet souls of any religion, have the awareness that all of those souls belong to
the progeny of your great-great-grandfather. We Brahmin souls are ancestors and ancestors sustain
everyone. The form of your alokik sustenance is to fill other souls with all the powers that you have
received from the Father. Sustain the soul with whichever power that that soul needs. For this,
your attitude has to be very pure and your mind has to be filled with power.

Slogan: Those who have the imperishable wealth of knowledge are the wealthiest of all in the world.


This Murli had pretty deep points. I must say that I am biased towards Murlis which churn those points rather than devotional explanations, but that is just my opinion.

Baba started out with the concept of the “real child vs. the step child.” A real child gets Baba’s help, he mentioned and “extra-love.” Accordingly, while we all tend to think that we “children,” we should know then that some of us maybe in the second category as well. 🙂

Let us remember that everything is numberwise and that one of the main issues with “black or white” talk is rigidity and separation. However, given the task that Baba is inspiring us to be the “best that we can be” the element of “fear” is used continuously, also known as; “severe punishment.”

No one could get away from this Drama. This is another point. “If someone did then the world would end.” Or something along those lines. See that every role is important in the Drama.

This point in conjunction with the point of “becoming soul conscious gradually,” is able to show me that as long as we are body conscious, we will feel trapped in the Drama.

Baba pointed out that God is incorporeal and thus, He is not bound by the Drama in the sense that He is not “thinking about how to get out it,” but as egoless as He is, He is not “doing a thing.” The awareness is that everything happens in the Drama as it has to happen. Ego is the one pushing to change things around. If we feel the Drama within ourselves, that inner voice for change; that is what we need to recognize and listen to. Maya becomes a false recognition of that inner voice as a desire.

Another point to recognize is that ego lives in the past. It is always about going back to another time in the past, for that is what we remember and comparing that with our present will be the result.

Because of ego, we are unable to easily forget the past. Even though it is gone, we cling to it. The lesson of remembering at the appropriate time and forgetting at the right time is not easily learned.

This also takes time.

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