Spiritual efforts: Eureka! The avyakt stage – baby steps ;-)

Remembrance is one of the least “understood” topics. It is something which is pretty much left for us to figure out as our practice with Yoga increases.
For instance:

Do I remember the “dot” or Brahma Baba or BapDada or…? Do I have a “heart to heart conversation with my “companion” or the “beloved”? Do I remember my kingdom, my inheritance or my angelic dress? What do I remember?

Sounds familiar? 🙂

Today as I was walking “practicing” the avyakt stage, I noticed that when my mind was able to concentrate in a feeling which is similar to the one experienced in “traffic control” when all thoughts are over and you are “packing up” going inwards, that state is “indescribable,” that state will take someone away from all physicality. I felt it.
It could be powerful if my concentration increases.

Here is the gradual discovery.

I described in this article a practice called “being a-temporal.” I have been practicing that along with other exercises to increase my perception such as: hearing my heart beats, bringing the sound of the ocean to my mind at will, and listening to 4 different sounds of Nature, while in Nature. Then a couple of days ago, while browsing the “Spiritual Treasure Chest- 100 Jewels from Baba’s Murlis,” “I” found on page 66 this:

“When you find you are not able to stabilize yourself for a long time in the awareness of the point, then you catch hold of the second stage (heart-to heart conversation.) However, what happens is that because it is easy to have subtle heart-to-heart conversation and to churn the ocean of knowledge, you quickly begin to do that. Because it is difficult to stabilize yourself in the awareness of the point, you pay less attention to that. However, it is essential to have that stage…The more you stay in the awareness of the point; the greater will be the changes visible in your sanskars….
When you stabilize yourself in the awareness of the point, a sparkle will be visible on your forehead. Your memorial of the third eye will be physically visible through the stage of the soul… When you have the awareness of the point your stage remains full.”

Right there is the key! That is the same explanation as being “a-temporal.” It is the same feeling and the effects of reaching that state is being felt as well as Baba explains it.
For me, that is my main form of “remembrance” now.

Another “practice” which have helped a great deal is to calm the mind by being in Nature and to open the heart chakra so energies do not remain stuck in my third chakra. It feels like a flow of energies towards the heart and I was able to develop that while getting a “mental massage” in Nature:
Sitting by the ocean and hearing how the waves make a relaxing sound when hitting the rocks nearby. When we are completely in that experience, there is some sort of relaxing mood which opens our subtle senses.

Please understand that I am trying to describe something which is not possible to describe. I am using the best terms that I can, and still I am short of words. This is why, remembrance is not described but it has to be experienced.

In my practice, I still need to concentrate for longer periods and to have a deeper concentration. Getting there is the next step.

Another benefit of this practice is when sharing “drishti.” Now the soul will be felt by others. That energy could easily “travel” now.
Baba’s description above is clearly understood by me now. It is not that I have to imagine a point all the time. It is the point of “inner concentration.”
In that state there is automatic change in “sankaras.” It is magical. There is transformation. The rust goes away.

In that avyakt stage there is a sense of being outside while being here. There is calmness, tranquility and some sort of blissful elation for moments.
These are “baby steps,” but I will no longer have to ‘pretend’ that exists when I have not experienced.
I have. 🙂


  1. rmalik108

    that is what you could put in words-. also on those flying moments I have felt how time also becomes a point….. wonder full.Please do share your experiences on this subject more.


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