Question: About the truth of BK knowledge compared to history and science . See full question below.

Comment: I was churning some of the information in the murlis and need some clarification on the below.

The  murlis stated that the cycle is 5000 years.At the ending of 5000 years, the Golden Age starts again and goes on for 1,250years, then the Silver Age starts which goes for 1,250 years,then  copper age – 1250 years then iron age 1250years, then Golden Age again.We are in the Confluence age  right now.

For  this calculation, let us take it that the Iron Age ends today and The Golden age will be starting tomorrow.. Today is August,  2012 AD ( AFTER THE DEATH OF CHRIST).Christ came in the copper age. Take away 2,500 years (I.E  the Copper age – 1,250 years PLUS  the Iron age – another 1,250 years)we ended up with 488 YEARS BC(BEFORE THE  BIRTH OF CHRIST).2500 YEARS from today, OR 488 YEARS BC should be the ending of the Silver Age in which the BK teaching says that there  were still harmony on this planet with no fighting between nations/ countries etc. Plus  Souls were taking bodies by yoga power  and not by any kind of lust…sexual relationships.

History can prove that more than 3,200 years from today ( which will be in the Silver AGE ) babies were born not by Yoga power but  by having SEXUAL  RELATIONSHIP(a male and female )coming together, there were lots of fighting between countries –Greece, Egypt etc. 3,500  or 3000 years ago from today,the various nations had temples and places of worship where they went to worship their gods and goddesses.Therefore, where did the 21 trouble free births by Yoga power in the Golden and Silver Age( which should exist 2500 years from today plus 488 years – total 3000 years approx ago. ) which the BK is teaching  coming from?

Besides the BK had  PREDICTED that destruction will take place a number of times in the past, yet we are still here.e.g in Jan 18, 1977 .

Please do not get me wrong…… The BK Teachings in some areas e.g  we are all souls, Karma, purity , positive thinking are very good  but I am trying to make sense out of some of their teachings.

Looking forward for your reply


Br .xxxx



Thank you for your question.

That question has already been fully discussed here:

Basically, you have the belief in “history of the world” versus Baba’s versions.

Don’t give me wrong but I have found many “glitches” in the history of the world. The most outstanding one being the assertion that the human race has existed for millions of years in “linear” time while current world population tells me that this is impossible, for the simple fact of “rate of growth.”  We have populated the Earth from 1 billion to 6 billion in way less than 1000 years. If in fact, we had lived for millions of years; our population would have been way greater than our current 7 billion people. Just simple logic.

I am also leery on the explanation that science has about the “origin” of entropy. How the world started in high entropy as the “norm.”

Brian Greene, Ph.D in Physics mentioned in his book, “The Fabric of the Cosmos” in page 164 “You should never be surprised or feel the need to explain why any physical system is in a high-entropy state. Such states are the norm. On the contrary, what does need explaining is why any given physical system is in a state of order, a state of low entropy.”

The cycle of time explains both, low entropy and high entropy without a problem. If you would like to read more about it, here is a link:

Click to access time.pdf

This will put the concept of “linear time” in the waste basket, which is defended by current science. I can go on with other appreciation of scientific “facts,” but history is not a domain of science because their own dating tests have been proven to be faulty and history has been manipulated in many instances. Just human behavior in kaliyug.

Science is good to apply laws and to create inventions, but I do not have any “proof” that what my book of history says is true.

On the other hand, as I explained before; I had experienced “Deja vues,” “fortune telling,” (which tells me that the cycle of time exists and it is repetitive, as Baba mentions)  and had an experience which allowed me to understand cyclical time instantly, which is explained here:
and which allowed this role to write this article here,

Click to access chickenegg.pdf

which has become the #1 article out of 49 in the topic.

That is “proof” to me. So, I choose Baba’s gyan at any time over any other knowledge.

As far as “destruction,” I have shared plenty on that here:

There is the knowledge of destruction, which is merely transformation for matter cannot be created neither destroyed… Only transformed.

Best wishes!

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