Question: : Myself is a mbbs doctor.the way i enteted in brahmakumaris is a big story.To tell in brief i was brilliant student but probably genetically or due to stress i started suffering from bipolar disorder(psychiatric illness) since 2nd year of mbbs,i also started with thoughts related to spirituality after that.My disease gradually worsened since i didn’t seek treatment since my collegues didn’t welcome my disease.i thought i’ll come out of illness without treatment but it didn’t, instead it worsened which started affecting my work & relations.Nobody Knew it & others did’nt help me to come out. Meanwhile i was looking out for marriage,a boy from reputed college insisted for physical relations & then ditched me since i had good concepts of spirituality related to sex & lust as i had asked him about his previous affairs & lustfull attitude.NOW the cases are pending in court.Please help me to come out of the things since i’m fine now & wants to live good life.

Thank you for sharing your story. Please read this post as well.

Having personally experienced the friendship of  a soul with bi-polar disorder, I could say that this is an ongoing  challenge for you.  Consider the fact that a  life style of a BK will be challenging as well for you. Outsiders will not understand it.  If those outsiders have known you while you were experiencing those bi-polar episodes, there is the likelihood that their “help” will be to get you out of your chosen spiritual path.

Also be aware that unless that illness is not affecting you,  there is a likelihood that some conflicts may appear in your relationship with BKs and non-BKs as well. This is something that you need to understand fully.

I am saying this because  above you shared “others didn’t help me to come out.”  We cannot ask for others to help you to come out of it.

Be well to make those decisions. That is the most important priority.

As a BK, I could only suggest for you to hear the Murli and ask for answers while listening  the Murli. As a friend, I would  suggest to look for the advice of a local spiritual minded counselor who will know the details about you, your current life issues and your specific condition.

All the best.




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