Comments on Sakar Murli 8-11-12

Essence: Sweet children, wake up early in the morning and remember the Father with a lot of love and your intellect will
change from stone to divine.

Question: What is the way to become prosperous for 21 births?
Answer: Donate the imperishable jewels of knowledge and you will become prosperous because each jewel of knowledge
is worth hundreds of thousands of rupees. The more one donates and stays in remembrance of the Father, the higher the
mercury of one’s happiness will rise.

Question: What precautions must you observe so that you don’t perform any sinful actions?
Answer: You need to take a lot of precautions with your food. When you take food from a sinful soul, it affects you.
The Father gives advice on seeing the circumstances of each one.

Essence for dharna:

1. Develop the practice of waking up early in the morning. Wake up early in the morning and definitely churn knowledge.
Sit for half an hour or even 45 minutes and talk to yourself. Make your intellect full of knowledge.

2. In order to receive blessings from many, open a hospital or college on three square feet of land. Become egoless,
the same as the Father and do service.

Blessing: May you be an accurate yogi who even transforms a storm (toofan) into a gift (tohfa) with your controlling power.

A true and accurate yogi is one who is able to focus his intellect wherever and whenever he wants in a second.
When the situation is one of upheaval, the atmosphere is tamoguni and Maya is trying to make you belong to her,
even then, to be able to concentrate your intellect in a second is to have the power of remembrance.
No matter how many storms of waste thoughts there may be, have the controlling power to transform those storms into
gifts and move forward in a second. Such a powerful soul would never think that he didn’t want to do something but
that it just happened.

Slogan: Souls who are yogyukt and who perform yuktiyukt actions are those who become obstacle-proof.


This Murli gives importance to remembrance. That remembrance is through the intellect. It is a connection. I feel it is important to see this point, for "imagining a point of light" is done through the mind and not the intellect. When the mind is still we could access the intellect without interference. The blessing also gives us an idea of that remembrance which is "accurate" which is the one where we can "pack up everything" in a second and concentrate the mind in whatever we want so we could go over any obstacle through the connection of the intellect yoga.

This is something to practice. Note that devotional language is not needed to understand this. It is not that God is doing it for me or helping me, but that I have to "do" this effort, practice it. Baba mentioned that remembrance is the "only way to become pure again."

Baba also explained the relationship of the food we take with our stage. As expressed many times already, food is extremely important, not only for its nutrients but vibrationally as well. We should prepare our own food. In my experience even the stage of a BK soul who practices celibacy differs; however, with our power of yoga we could "purify" that food item.

The food we eat will allow us to be light and ready for "waking up early in the morning." Both are connected. Those Maryadas are like a circle, a cycle and one depends on the other.

God is not making any effort to "purify us." The extent of it, is within our role. We have knowledge, that is all what God needed to "give us." The rest is on us to figure out and experience; however, we are not alone in this journey for paradoxically; when there is courage, the Father helps. 🙂

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