The duality of individuality and collectivism

Anthony Strano in my opinion, has deep insights in applying Godly knowledge into practical aspects of life. His gift is to put practical gyan in easy to understand terms for westerners while keeping it “practical,” down to Earth.

In this video he explains the balancing act on dualistic concepts; the idea of “individuality,” with the “opposite” idea or concept of “collectivism.”

Going deeply into it, individuality is just a concept for in all practical purposes we are part of something greater than ourselves rather than self sufficient islands. The problem is when any of those 2 opposite concepts is taken in extremes, then we have problems. We need to see those 2 concepts as complementary of each other.

The balancing act is not another idea or concept, but rather an ego-less nature, which could be easily observed in the behavior of birds as the video shows.
There is so much to learn from those who do not think.
Lack of ego means being individuality and collectivism all at the same time. That is perfect balance, that means that there is no confrontation.

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