The Method in Spirituality (Yukti’s anyone?)

As we are programmed in life to follow a particular set of steps to accomplish a goal, we become used to that behavior and we expect that for everything, there is a method.
If you want to make Palak Paneer, there is a method. Step by step instructions to get you there. Even the amount of spinach is already set up to get the ‘right flavor.’
The issue is that the ‘right flavor’ will differ among different individuals.

If you want to earn a MD degree, there is a method. A ‘yukti’ needed. A step by step planned journey down to receiving the title. However, we see that M.Ds differ as the 4 seasons.
If you want to become soul conscious, likewise; there must be a method, right?

NO. 🙂

Wait a minute! BapDada has given us many yuktis already, many methods to follow and practice 108 times a day to exercise our ‘spiritual muscles.’ 🙂

Yes. We have many methods, many yuktis but… our understanding of them will differ, for our experience of them is different as well. If we practice those methods we will become more sensitive to spiritual energies, or our concentration may improve, but from there; we are in our own. We need to find our methods from the map which BapDada is giving us. He is not giving us the “objective,” He is giving us a map to follow. That map, locates point A and point B (destination.) The issue to understand is that we are not necessarily in point A to begin the journey. We are at different points.

So, we either find point “A,” or we figure out how to get to point “B” by looking for landmarks along the map. That is what I personally like to do.
Why? Because there is nothing that assures me that I have reached point “A.”

You see, we are numberwise. That number is not there because someone didn’t practice ‘yukti # 67’ long enough. It is because we didn’t have the experience that we needed despite our practice.

Why is that?
Because we were stuck. We didn’t want to see over our shoulders. We didn’t want to try something different. We didn’t want to explore and “get dirty” with it. We didn’t want to walk through the streets of life but rather take the bus from one stop to the other.
We want someone to tell us “how it is.” How to do it.

That is laziness.

Experience is something which comes by trying, by practicing, but we need to get the “feel for it,” so we can adapt all of those yuktis, methods, etc. into something which will work for us, we need to make that effort.

Try it now. Experience it now. We make the method, the yukti every time we experience something new. Spirituality is practical.
Share the experience. Let me figure out the “method.”


  1. d

    A friend of a friend is in critical condition in hospital. My friend is a new comer to Raja Yoga Meditation. I have briefly told him how he can send good wishes to his friend. I, however, would like to hear from you. THANK YOU.

    OMG! asking for a another yukti 🙂


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