Reader comment on “churning: of “Mama’s murli 8-17-12”

Note that the experience of the “dot” is not explained there but in the Avyakt Murlis, which is Brahma Baba again in a different stage.

Reader’s note:
i remember Baba mentioning, “Remember me in Paramdham as a point of light.” And Brhma Baba’s favourite point was to be – nirakari /incorporeal, egoless and viceless.

Avyakt7 responds:
In my experience what has helped me from “imagining” things is what BapDada mentioned here:
That is what I meant by the explanation of the point.

Note Mama’s explanation of God as a “living being.” It is mentioned:” Living means God also has a mind an intellect.”

Reader’s note:
May be this used to be her belief before Baba explained clearly about Him being Abhokta, Akarta, and Ashochta.

Avyakt7 reponds:
That is right. This is the proof that gyan is an on-going discovery.

Note that all religious founders took a body but stayed in the Drama by reincarnating. It seems that God has the ability to “come and go” as He wishes into the physical realm without being bound by the Drama to stay in the physical world. Gyan show us that when a soul takes a body, that soul must stay until the cycle finishes.

Reader’s note:
Brother, please leave these points about which we do not have any authority to say. God being unique, He will not take a physical birth. When a soul (not the Supreme Soul) takes up another souls’ body and functions through that, he still can not experience the ‘pain’ of the original owner of that body. That soul would have some power to use the rented body but can not experience everything. If that is the case with a soul, the capacity/ and functioning of the Supreme Soul could be much more different.
Why put thoughts in others’ minds, the thoughts which we have no proof for? It may lead some souls into doubting even other points in the murali. Some souls may lose respect for muralis too and ultimately leave gyan. This is creating a negative karma.

Avyakt7 responds:
Dear soul, when we churn knowledge, we need to be open to possibilities. To churn to support a particular belief system is not churning. “Gyan is an on-going discovery,” it is not finished yet. I am not giving “proof,” I am churning based on Murli points and someone else’s churning.
Please be aware that there are many websites already, where souls can go if they want to leave gyan and need support for that. This one is meant to churn gyan. I feel that to support “obscurity” when knowing truth, leads to negative karma rather than to inquire and discover things by churning gyan in an honest way.

In today’s Murli (8-18-12) Baba responded to your concern: “His part is unique. Completely different from anyone else’s.” (Mentioned in today’s Sakar Murli comment.) That is the magic of the Murli and the response was immediate. No further “proof” needed.

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